I'm In Love With My Best Friend


2. My New Friend

*School's out*
"Hey Tori" 
One of my new friends I met today during lunch since some stuck up girl took my seat I sat next to Carla
"Hey Clarla"
The funny thing is that when I see her she reminds me of Justin
"Let's do rock, paper, scissors to see who's house we go to, since we have to study for that science project"
"To let you know Carla I'm very good at rock, paper scissors"
"We'll see about that Torrez"
We played 10 rounds and I won so we had to go to her house, her mom seems so nice, since we got into my car and she told me the directions to her house and she called her mom, telling her that a friend was coming over to do a science project.
Carla opens the front door and pulls me inside, her mom greets me.
"Hello Victoria, Carla said that you we're coming over because you to are required to complete a science project?" Pattie said.
"Yes ma'am" I smiled
"Go ahead and go upstairs sweetheart Carla show her around the house"
"Sure mom" Carla grinned cheekily.
"C'mon I wanna show you my room first"
"Ok ok calm down chika"
We both laughed at my spanish stupidness
She opened the door to her room and we went inside.
"I'll show you around the house after we get this annoying science project started"
"Fine fine"
"Your staying for dinner right?"
"Sure my mom doesn't care"
We we're working on our science project when there was a knock on the door.
"I'll get it for you Carla"
"Thank you" Carla said while writing down some notes
I opened the door and saw a face I didn't expect to see.... Justin's
"Hey um aren't you the girl I sit next to umm Victoria?" He said, he sounded soooo cool.
"Yea I am"
"Well hey and what are you doing here?"
"She's completing a science project with me Justin don't act so rude" she said sticking her tongue out at me
"Umm yea Carla mom said to go downstairs with your friend, dinners ready"
"Ok c'mon Tori lets go" she said getting up and slapping Justin in the back of the head.
Justin might be older that Carla by 2 years but she's got sass and she makes me laugh every time she does something to her brother. I didn't expect Justin to be there but that explains why they look a like. There brother and sister. But I'm happy that I'm her friend not only because I get to get closer to her brother but because she's a really good friend.
We got downstairs and Carla tripped me.
"Ahhhh!" I toppled on Justin knocking both of us down.
Carla burst out laughing. Pattie herd and came running to see if we all were okay.
"Oh my gosh Justin I-I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to um are you okay?"
"I'm fine I'm fine, what about you, you okay?" He said grabbing my hand, helping me up, chucking, fixing his hair.
"I'm okay thank you for helping me up though Justin" I said looking at the floor trying my hardest not to act all shy. We all walked to the table, me and Justin behind Carla and Pattie, I couldn't help but look at Justin and I guess he saw me because he looked at me and winked.


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