I'm In Love With My Best Friend


8. Matter Of Opinion

I look at the door, the Dean left, we're all here alone no wonder everyone is always in detention, it's nothing. Everyone looks towards the door and Justin comes in. No wonder he put that wink face he was on his way to detention. I really need to be a little faster when it comes to figuring things out, apparently I'm slow. 
"Hey Tori" Justin said while walking towards the desk in front of me and moving in across the floor right next to mine.
"Hey" I said looking up at him while he was lifting up his chair.
He sat down and said "Yo you know tonight is prom right?"
"No shit sherlock" I said looking directly into his eyes.
"Oh Damn looks like someone doesn't have anyone to go with" he said putting his hands up in defense and chuckling.
"As a matter of fact I do have someone to go with Bieber".
And by that time everyone was looking at us.
"Oh ok see you there, oh and what are you planning on wearing?"
" one, why do you want to know two, why do you care and three you'll see." I said still looking directly at him while he was getting up, I got up too, he opened the door and I went right past him, meeting up with Carla who was about 7 feet away from me, I yelled looking back at Justin "thanks Bieber boy"
All he did was laugh.


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