I'm In Love With My Best Friend


9. Heaven

I went to my sister who knew a custom dress designer personally.
"Hey" I said as I reached Heaven the dress designer.
"Hey, pick the color you want" she said
"Oh wow how did you know I-"
"I have connections" she said cutting me off
"Anyway Ms.Torrez what color dress would you like?"
I actually didn't know exactly what color dress I wanted but I know I wanted something beyond beautiful.
"I don't really know yet" I said
"Fine i'll give you some ideas, maybe go spend some time at the park and come back in about 30 minutes"
"Okay and thanks a lot Heaven"
"Your welcome hun" she said smiling.
I went to the park which was actually across the street from Heaven's house.
I looked through some pictures of beautiful dresses that I've saved believing that I would actually wear them at one point. Haha I'm so funny. I remembered I don't have a date! No this isn't gonna happen, I'm gonna see Justin at the dance with his date probably wearing the most expensive dress in this world, she's probably sooooo beautiful, I am jealous, I wish I was her...
I went back to Heaven.
"Hey Heaven I just want something normal not to 'out there' but I still want it to be beautiful"
"I'll see what I can do" she said weakly smiling.
"Thank you Heaven your the best".
"I know, now get your ass out of here and get something productive done instead of thinking about the Justin Bieber kid, he's cute but he seems to on to something"
"OMG HOW'D YOU KNOW" I said so shocked I think I lost contact of everything.
"Hun I know more than you think and I'm helping Carla with her dress too, and of course her brother wants to look his best" she said rolling her eyes and chucking.
"Yea" I said looking at the floor.
"Hun don't worry I have a feeling your gonna love what's gonna happen"
"Hopefully" I said looking down to the floor.
"Now get out of here before I end up doing it myself"
"Ok ok bye and thanks again"
"Your welcome"
I left Heaven's house smiling like an idiot.
Hey, I decided to just write this little part before today ends, wanted to get you something, love you :*


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