As Petals Fall

The Seers are going mad. The Darkness is rising. The one true hope in the world lies in someone lost forever. The Girl will discover how dangerous she is. The Boy might destroy everything we know. The world is falling and a band of Protectors must be gathered.


3. Something New

Something New

February 14

  It was odd having two complete strangers in my garden. I had just given them the lemonade and I could see them watching me standing before them. The boy rudely devoured the strawberries nosily eating them. The girl had her eyebrow raised. I tried to copy her when she snapped her head in my direction. I smiled.
 "I didn't get to know your names." I said remembering suddenly. The girl smiled and swallowed.
 "I'm Suzanne G and this is Stephan Grendall." She said with a disgust look on her face. I repeated their names slowly. 
 "So what bring you here?" I asked looking at their awed faces.
 "I thought we already told you. We are here on an urgent mission to get Mr. Jakins." Suzanne said kicking Stephan under the table. 
 "To disappoint you then, Mr. Jakins hasn't been here in a long time." I said carefully choosing my words.
 "You mean he's out!" Suzanne said standing up knocking the chair to the floor. Stephan had swallowed the last strawberry roughly. I said nothing but collected the glasses and headed away.
 "I hope you'll be staying for dinner! It will be a nice change!" I called back but realized they were following me. 
 "Do you know when he'll be back? Do you know where he is? Do you know what happened to him?" Suzanne shot the questions at me with lightning speed. I entered the kitchen and deposited everything in the sink. I began filling the sink with water and added soap. Scrubbing the dishes I watched out of the corner of my eye them arguing. Stephan straightened his jacket and swaggered over to me. I stopped and looked at him my stomach bubbling with curiosity. 
 "I never learned your name Miss." Stephan said making me giggle.
 "Rose" I answered whipping my hands off on a towel.
 "What a beautiful name! Now Mr. Jakins probably has no time for you or pay..." My laughter made him stop his sentence. 
 "Even if I were explain the situation, there will still be giant holes in which I, myself do not understand, Mr. Grendall. So I thank you. I have not laughed at someone in a long time." I answered drying the dishes off. I could see Suzanne laughing into her hand in the background. Stephan's face was pure shock. I smiled happily.
 "How long?" He asked. My smiled faded. I dried the last dish and walked over to a cabinet. Grabbing a giant pot I placed it on the stove. "How long?" He demanded grabbing my wrist. I looked at the floor. Partly scared and ashamed but mostly sad. "How..."
 "Eleven years!" Busted out of my mouth before I registered what it meant. There was a crash and I looked up. At Suzanne's feet were bits of glass. Stephan's hand dropped as he backed away. Looking at the broken pieces I waved my hand at them. They jumped up into the air and spun. Little pieces zoomed to the center of the glass forming a rose made out of the glass. I had learned that long ago from one of the thick books. The glass rose landed in my hand. Placing it on top of the ice box I began to prepare dinner. Carrot soup was on the menu and it looked as though I needed triple a bowlful. 
 "Rose? You've been here eleven years without anyone?"
 "I wouldn't say without anyone," I said sharply bringing down the knife on a carrot."The garden is company in a sense." I answered throwing the carrot in the pot. 
 "Rose, how old are you?" Suzanne asked grabbing my hands and putting them into hers. I tightened my teeth and felt pinpricks behind my eyes.

 "Sixteen. Now out so I can finish dinner!" I said smiling and shooing them to the door. After they had existed I threw my knife at the wall. It sunk into the wood and stayed there.


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