Bionic Love

Grace Winston is a really sweet smart girl that lost her parents when a robber attacked their home. She end up having to move in with her Aunt Terry that she hasn't seen since she was 3. Now that she moved somewhere new, she has to start a new school and live a new life. Will this life be good for her? What will she think of the bionic siblings? ____________________________________________________________________________ Thank you Jenna, I love love love the cover!


1. To my new home

"Plane 182 is about to land. Please turn off all electronics and buckle your seat belts." The plane assistant said. I am currently going to go live with my Aunt Terry in California. I am from Texas so, I'm going to stand out when I get there cause of my accent. I am really smart, I always use to get made fun off cause how smart I was.

 "We have landed, please exit the plane and have a good trip." The person said with spunkiness. I got my baggage and started to look for aunt Terry. It's been 14 years since I saw her. I see a girl that has a sign with my name on it.

I tapped her back only to get flipped over by her. "Oww what the heck!" I complained getting up. I look up to see that it isn't aunt Terry but, a girl around my age. "Are you Principle Terry's niece?" She asked. I just nodded," Ya and how do you know my aunt? Are you her daughter that I didn't know about?" I asked but, looking at her.

"No you aren't, you are too pretty to be related to my aunt." I said following her to a car. "Well thank you! I don't know how you could be related to her either cause you are so pretty! By, the way I am Bree Davenport. I am a student of Terry's." She said getting into the car.

"Thank you! Nice to meet you Bree, I'm Grace Winston. Well now Grace Perry." I shivered, I guess it's going to be different now that I have the last name Perry. "Hey, you not from around here are you? You have a strong accent."She asked driving.

"Ya, I'm from Dallas, Texas." I answered looking at the scenery. "Ya, this will probally be all new to you then. Um, Terry just texted me saying that she's not home. Do you possibly want to go over my house?" She asked.

"Sure, if your parents don't mind." I said wanting to make sure. "It will be fine." She said pulling up to this big house. "Welcome to the Davenports house!" She yelled causing two boys around my age to come out.

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