Bionic Love

Grace Winston is a really sweet smart girl that lost her parents when a robber attacked their home. She end up having to move in with her Aunt Terry that she hasn't seen since she was 3. Now that she moved somewhere new, she has to start a new school and live a new life. Will this life be good for her? What will she think of the bionic siblings? ____________________________________________________________________________ Thank you Jenna, I love love love the cover!


2. The Secret

"Who is she Bree!" The guy with brown hair and brown eyes said. "Chase, it's obvious! She brought home a little house elf! Look she's a little shorter than you!" The tall guy said. He doesn't sound to wise. "NO! Adam she my new friend! Her name is Grace Perry" Bree exclaimed.

"Hey, our principle has the same last name!" Adam pointed out. "That's cause she's my aunt." I finally talked. "What? But your so... and she's sooo, ugg!!" The guy named Chase said. "Well you know about me, what about you guys?" I asked. "I am Chase Davenport. The brains."

HE HAS A BIG EGO!! "You have such a big ego gosh!" I scoffed. Bree just laughed and Chase stormed out. "Wow you just made Chase storm out of the room! No one has ever done that before!" The other guy exclaimed. "Um, I never got your name." I brought up. "Oh its Adam." He said in a funny voice making me laugh.

Then, I heard glass break, "Oh no, Spikes back!" Bree looked terrified. "Who's Spike?" I asked. "No one that you want to meet. Good, your aunt just texted saying that shes home. Lets get out of here." Bree rushed me out the door. The car ride home was silent.

"We're here." Bree finally broke the silence helping me with my bags. "Thanks." I grabbed some bags and headed inside to see a really short person. "You must be Aunt Terry, Im Grace." I introduced myself. But, all she does is walk away. "She does that a lot." Bree told me helping me unpack.

"Do you know that your the only friend I had?" I told her. "Really?! Well we are going to be best friends forever!" She spoke loudly, jumping up and down. My ceiling fan started to shake then it fell down. But, before it fell on me Bree ran super fast and pushed me away. "What the heck!" I yelled shocked.

Bree then explained about how her family is bionic but, only uses there powers for good. I promised her that I wouldn't tell anyone. "Lets go back to my house." Bree then sprinted us to her house were it was a wreck. I saw a middle aged man walk in and Bree told him about me knowing. "BREE HOW COULD YOU?! YOUR NOT SUPPOSE TO TELL ANYONE!" The guy exclaimed. 

Then I recognized him. "Your Mr. Davenport my dad use to look up to you." I started to get sad. Dad would've loved to meet him and he would be jealous of me right now. "Donald she promised not to tell anyone." Bree told him. That caused Adam and Chase to look up from sitting on the couch.

"As long as she promised."Mr.Davenport calmed down. "What's your name anyways?" He asked. "Its Grace Perry. My aunt Perry is the principle for the high school. Perry isn't my real last name though." I introduced myself shaking his hand.

"Well I'm Donald Davenport. I didn't know that Terry had a niece but, its nice to know from someone that someone use to look up to me. Wait use to!!" He exclaimed. "Ya, my parents died a couple months ago from a drunk driver." I was bout to cry but, then someone hugged me.

I looked up and saw Chase. "Thanks I really needed that." I blushed, pulling away. "You might not actually have a big ego after all." I confessed making him smile.


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