The Phoenix

Loukas Son of Hermes is offered a dangerous task that Zeus has given him and his father Hermes to complete for him. Loukas knows he has been chosen because of his performance in changing his fate by accepting Theseus's offer in helping with killing the Minotaur. But every act has it's consequences whether it's for the enemy or not but because of Loukas's choice the fates have changed his future by giving him something that no mortal has been given before and something that will never be given to another mortal again. A second life to prove his worth to the gods.


3. The Phoenix

 It was early the next morning and when I woke up and slowly sat up like a zombie when I realized that everyone was putting stuff back on the ship as though Medusa was coming to visit. And then I just realized that everyone was really close to setting sail. And that was when I realized that the sail was black. I had no idea why but I figured that it was for some reason that I wouldn't understand. Then I heard Lucia sleeping next to me. I looked over at her and shook her shoulder to wake her up, but she didn't wake up and instead she just turned over still asleep and then she finally woke up when I shook her again.

"What's up Loukas?" she asked while yawning.

"I think we're getting ready to leave," I told her unsure if I was correct or not.

"Wake up sleepy heads we gotta go soon," someone yelled in the distance.

 It was Theseus with his sword strapped to his side. He had his white tunic on still with holes and blood from the fight with the Minotaur. He had traditional leather sandals. His hair was black as normal and still messed up. He ran over here and said "Minos is coming with his fleet and we need to get the hell out of here," he said with fear.

"What?!?!" Lucia yelled as she jumped up and almost back handed Theseus."You mean to tell us that Minos is on his way here and you didn't bother to tell us earlier?!?"

"Whoa, relax, I just found out a little bit ago and besides it will take him weeks to catch up to us, and even if he can we'll be in the safety of Athens.

 Lucia slowly calmed down, thank the gods because she scared the shit out of me when she bolted up and yelled. I could tell that we both where thinking the same thing until she looked at me. Then I knew that Theseus was going to get it, big time. Later we left the island and I noticed that we were missing someone. And I couldn't remember who. Very unusual because most of the time I never forget anything.

 Later that day when we were on our way to Athens I went down to Theseus's room below deck. And then I heard a banging sound and a man moaning as though he had a horrible sickness. When I walked into Theseus's room I almost felt like this whole time I was an idiot. The walls where cut from what definitely was a sword because wedged in one of the floorboards was Theseus's sword. I saw Theseus banging his head on the wall and he must have been doing it since this morning because when he turned around his forehead was swollen, his face drenched in sweat with tears running down his cheeks. The wall had a dent the size of a middle-aged man's torso.

 His room was no better than he or the walls and floor were because books where everywhere torn or cut. And his desk was chopped in half. His bed and blanket were torn to almost nothing with pieces of bedding all over the floor. But that was when I remembered who we had forgotten. We had forgotten Ariadne. Then Theseus grabbed his sword, pulled it loose from the floor almost instantly. In his face I could see so much rage and anger as though a monster had just slaughtered his family right in front of him. I simply slipped out of the doorway and out of his room when he tripped over my foot and fell on the floor. I looked down at him with pity and said "Theseus, calm down, we've all lost someone in our lives but we need to keep ourselves together and figure out who the real enemy is." he nodded and said "Your right, I'm sorry I lost myself. We need to go to Athens, tell my father that the Minotaur is dead and then we can begin the quest." 

 As I got back above deck seven men were working hard for such a small ship. I saw Lucia sitting with a man in the front of the ship who had short blonde hair that was only about a few inches long. He had light blue eyes just like Lucia. He had medium sized muscles with pale skin. His nose was broken and his left eye was closed which made me think if he was trying to be come a cyclops. But when I walked up to them to introduce myself to him I realized that he wasn't closing his eye, instead he must have been stabbed in the eye because he had a scar on his eye just about the size of a dagger.

"Oh, and this is Loukas, the man who killed the Minotaur." said Lucia when she noticed me walking towards her "He killed the beast with his hidden dagger and on of the beast's own horn."

"Hmm, interesting," said the man. He got up and he was only about my size. He had a purple tunic with a leather strap around his waist. When I got a closer look at him I noticed that he had scars and wounds that definitely weren't caused by any human weapons.

"Hi, my name is Jason, son of Zeus." he told me.

"Jason we weren't supposed to tell him our secret yet!" she scolded.

"Secret?" I asked "How many demigods are on this ship?"

 Lucia sighed and said "It's just you, Mr. big mouth Jason here, Theseus, and me."

"Wait you guys are brother and sister, or what?" I asked "Is somebody going to fill me in?"

"To put your curiosity to rest Loukas, we are cousins and I am a daughter of Athena," she said as though I should know this.

 I was so dumbfounded getting over the fact that there were more demigods here. But after I quickly got over that I just thought how in the hell did Jason get here?

"So, you guys are on a quest for Zeus I hear, am I correct?" asked Jason.

"Yes Jason, we went over this already, I knew you were dumb but I didn't think you were that dumb," Lucia scolded.

"Take it easy Lucia," Jason said almost immediately.

 And as they were arguing I heard something that sounded like a type of bird screaming as high as it could almost ten times louder than the Minotaur in the Labyrinth. Everyone dropped down to the ground almost instantly after the sound came. I looked up and on the railing of the ship I saw something that made me want to jump out into the ocean while screaming like a little girl. Theseus must have heard everyone drop because he came up from below deck and he looked drunk when he came up with his sword because he almost fell over to the side. Everyone got up slowly while Theseus decided to take a little nap. And what we saw on the railing was red and orange flames in the shape of a bird. The flames turned blue and almost in an instant the disappeared and what was left was incredible.

 On the railing sitting there was the Legendary Phoenix. It was a majestic creature with long red feathers with yellow streaks of yellow here and there. It's tail was roughly five feet long almost touching the water. It was easily half the size of the Minotaur. It had black feet with two dragon fingers in the front and one in the back in the shape of a "y." It had a soft looking yellow stomach with a short but huge black beak. And it's eyes where what caught my eyes next because It had beautiful blue eyes that were sparkling like blue stars. Then the most amazing thing happened, the Phoenix spread it's wings which seem small at first but once it spreads it's wings all the way out it could have easily been mistaken for a feathery baby dragon.

 Theseus woke up and when he stood up and he the Phoenix and I guess he didn't know what it was because the next thing he said was "Yes Dinner!", and as charged the Phoenix he stumbled and fell right in front of it mumbling "Good night everyone," and then the Phoenix made that horrible sound again right next to his ear and he got up but he wasn't drunk anymore. But he still looked dizzy. Everybody chuckled when he left saying to hell with that idea. Then I noticed the little paper strapped to the Phoenix's leg. I slowly walked towards it and as I reached for it the Phoenix stared at my hand, lowered it's head and touched my hand with it's head. It rubbed it's head on my hand like a cat and then I slipped the paper of of it's leg and what surprised was that it was cold and not burnt up. When I unrolled it it was no bigger than my hand. It was written in Greek which for some reason I couldn't read, then I realized it was upside down and then it made sense. It read "Loukas, Son of Hermes. I have created this specific Phoenix with the ability to heal anything or even reverse death and destroy any mortal being. It will protect and serve the one who first touched it, which in this case it is you. Good luck." Then below the message was a strange symbol of a wheel with a small star in the middle and between those was one line making a shape of a circular Labyrinth or at least that's what it looked like to me. And then I realized that this was the symbol of the goddess Hecate who in truth is a titan who befriended the gods because she feared her father Kronos, Lord of Time and king of the Titans.

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