Touch;Fire (after Touch:Water)

My name is Eva Lynch.It's been a year since I've seen my best friend Anna Pevzner.When I went back to school,I found out that Molly,my good friend has moved to another school,the ursuline because the mercy doesn't do leaving cert applied. But for some strange reason..she didn't get into TY (transition year)...And I bumped into a cat named Puss, who guided me somewhere......named The City of Fire in Paradise. But darkness spreads all around us and part of the city is being destroyed by it.I must find out who has done this and kill them before the whole world end's up dead.Plus,I'm nearly always going back in time,its fun but I'd rather stay where I was at the very start......


14. The Monster(Friday)

Serah POV

From all the running we have been doing since we began going back in time, I'm after getting so fit! The rain has been pouring down like shards of glass, I was soaked from head to to then I realized it was hard ice, more like hale stones actually.

"I'm freezing, more like a piece of ice! Every time we stop and hide, I get cold. Then when we start moving again, I'm stiff"I complained, moaning and nearly telling a life story.

"Because you wouldn't put your coat on, your fault, not mine"Puss said, smiling with that wicked smile of his. I moaned even more and turned around.

"Melody, where are you going?"Jamie asked, telling everyone when to duck the flying spotlight. We had to stay in the dark because there were demons or monsters spinning the light's around, trying to spot us.

"To get my coat, what else would I be doing?"I whispered. sticking my tongue at Puss and putting up my middle finger up at him.

"Fuck you too, Melody"he said, smiling even more.

"Shut up"I muttered, walking away and carrying my phone. OK, so I just have to avoid being seen in the light, piece of cake.... I hope.

It felt like a marathon, me running against invisible immortals or Serah and three other elements, fuck this shit. I got to the ship and nearly collapsed to the ground. I opened up the ship and put my coat on. It was cosy enough... I betcha Puss was going to appear behind me and say something.

Someone said behind me "Told you it was cold" and I spun around.

"Shut up. And this time, you didn't make me jump this time" I said, smiling at him and closing the door of the ship.

"Whatever. Oh and by the way, we all have gotten inside so look's like you're on you're own"he said, waving a bit and disappearing. And he couldn't be bothered to get off his fat arse and help me get in.

I started to walk back and trying not to get soaked by the rain, plus, trying to get caught in the spotlights. They were more like ovals then circles, sometimes this world is really weird. Dodging right, Dodging left, it's one of the most annoying and hard thing that I'm trying to do. I wonder will I see Molly soon when this is all over. She had written 13 books and is nearly finished mine. I haven't read it yet, I'll probably but hopefully, maybe read it when it's finished.

I know that just came out of no where but I was just saying. I was was walking, trying to avoid the spotlights again when I heard some movements from behind me. I spun around and gasped.

"Nice Wolfey"I said, walking away back words. There were five of them, a pack, duh and they all growled at me. I turned around and leaped for it. They chased me and I screamed, probably 4 or 5 times."Not nice Wolfey!!!"

They had no idea what I had just said out loud, thank fuck, silly me.

"I want to eat you, fresh meat!!"one shouted and I froze while running, more like my face actually. Oh shit, it understood what I had just said. This time line is so so weird, weird looking animals and nature and shit.

I spotted an open window and through my self, head first through it, turned around and quickly closed it. I turned around and was in a floor full with mad people, mostly women and men.Strange, odd, bizarre, fantastic, silly, weird, ridiculous, outrageous, peculiar, eccentric, rum, there were so many words to describe them.

Then, they noticed me. They looked more like zombies, dangling on their shaky and helpless little legs. I was standing on...ew, something rotten anyway and I jumped off, landing on the ground, and being circled. I quickly ran for it, as they all tried to grab me. I spotted a glass roof, and flew up to it, by hovering by fire.

"Fuck, it's locked!"I muttered to myself. I heard some screams from down below so I hid on the next floor and quietly watched. There were demons, torturing the walking zombies and bringing them into another room.

I looked to my right and Puss was sitting at the end of the corridor, waiting for me. I quickly crawled over, following the fire arrows and made my way over to him.

"Took you long enough"he teased, walking a head of me, then stopped and waited me to stand beside him.

"Shut up!"I said, walking a head of him and not waiting around for him. We snuck are way down to two halls, one going right and the other going left.

"Don't go that way, Melody!"Puss whispered, going right, so I followed.

"Why not?"I whispered back, trying not to make a sound.

"Because you will be tortured down there. There is Necklacing, Flaying, The Rack and-"

"Ok, you don't need to tell me every single type of torture down there!"I interrupted, spotting the others in a hidden room, sneaking around. Dead stood up and looked like he was about to tell a story.

"One day I was working when a customer came over to me. This is what happened"he said, then started doing the voices of himself and the customer. "Customer:"What do I need to fish saltwater for shrimp?"

"Me: "Just a saltwater fishing license."

"Customer: "No crawdad or lobster permit?"

"Me: "Nope, just the saltwater license for $17.50."

"Customer: "Well what about freshwater? Will I need a tramp stamp for trout?". Right after that, he realized what he said. His friend and I were both laughing so hard, we almost fell asleep.

"Nice life story, Dead. Tell me, again, who cares?"Chad said, winking at me. I frowned and though for a minute. Jamie nodded to Dead and he nodded back, waiting for Adabella to come back and go. Adabella ran over to us, out of breath and trying to speak.

"There..are..a..lot..of...demons down there"she said, trying to catch a breath and speaking slowly.

Dead POV

Adabella nodded, put her thumbs up and I ran a head to distract the demons while the others sneak past. I went into the room where demons were torturing people, I held my gun and pulled the trigger, the bullet hitting the roof and hitting someone above. One of the demons spotted me and went head first into my skull head. He really hurt me so I ignored the pain. Yes, I can feel pain and no, I don't have a misstate, whatever the fuck that is.

The sound of the gun going off ripped through my ears, if I had a pair of them as if I was right next to a fireworks display, listening to it go off, with no protection. The echo of the ear-splitting "BANG" carried on for a good minute...It was actually my hat that came off.

Another dived onto me and tried to choke me but didn't quite the feel of a bony neck. He aimed for a punch but unfortunaly, I tripped him up with one little push.

"My turn"I suggested, probably the right way of saying what I said but who gives a fuck? I kicked them in the face and sent one flying into a wall and this and that...I feel great."Coast is clear"

Everyone came in and rolled their eyes, I wonder why?

Melody POV

"Did you have to kill all of them?"I asked, kicking one of the demons head.

"I wanted to kill them more then you wanted to do"Dead said, going a head of us and winking with no eye in his socket. Takes a while to talk to a walking skeleton who is a pain in the ass.

"What's his problem?"I asked myself, following the others and waiting for his signal to run.

"Hey Ladies, get a load of this!"he shouted, pulling down his trousers and the women running over to him. I looked at him, then turned to Jacob. He shrugged and we went a head.

Dead put his thumbs up at the ladies, meaning his signal to us. That was his signal??!! I would've winkied or nodded or something. But no, he fucking put his thumbs up and killing the demon women the minute we got to the other side.

"Coast is clear!"Dead said, smiling with his..teeth and having a smoke of his pipe, inside.

"Puss, who is the main evil guy(Molly would of said fella or dude) that we will be fighting in the end or even in a few hours?"I asked, looking at the black cat who just looked at me.

"The first demon you ever killed when I disappeared and he appeared"he answered, smiling with those creepy teeth of his. I started thing, going way back to the start of what Puss mentioned.

*Flashback when Puss and I first met, woohoo, I wish I had some ice-cream now*

"Why did you go and do that for,you jerk"I shouted,heading upstairs after I put my bowl in the sink.I went upstairs and into my room and found a black cat on my bed,smiling..literally smiled.

"Eva"it said...purring


"Yes,I can speak and so can you,so get your things and say something"it said,jumping off the bed and stretching.I got my things quickly,put on my shoes and quickly brushing my hair...with him constantly staring...creepy.I looked at him when I was ready."Ready when your ready"

I blinked twice,not saying a word until.

"Am I dreaming because this isn't real"I said,standing an thinking.

"Your not,Eva now lets go"he said,walking out and waiting at the end of the stairs.I nodded by shutting my door and heading down the stairs.The cat went to the front door and it opened by itself.

"Did that door just open by itself,Eva?"the idiot asked.I rolled my eyes and looked him.

"Your dreaming,that door was always,see ya"I shouted,dashing for the door,grabbing my lunch and out the door I go.

"Well for starters,your a show off"The cat said,giving me a jump,smiling,a very creepy smile and walked on.I paused for a second and thought to myself then came racing down to him.

"Hey,wait up"I shouted and nearly tripping over my own two feet.I caught up with him,looking at him."Em,how is it that your speaking?"

He stopped and looked at me.

"Magic"he answered,smiling that creepy smile and walking on.We walked silently to my school,until he stopped.We were near my school and he stopped."By the way,the name is Puss"

And then he was gone and left me standing there halfway to school.I stood there for a while and then continued walking.

Wondering down the path and a man practically stalking me from behind, what a creep. I turned around and faced him.

"What you want?"I asked,looking serious and Fire in my eyes.

"You,you are the second element!"he said,smiling and stepping forward,making me step back.

"I'm sorry,but what did you say I was?"I asked,not quite clear on what he said.He charged and I put my hand out,catching his sword and smoke burning it.I had my eyes closed and opened them,gasping on what I was doing.The man was literally on fire,I mean it so I decided to run for it until I got to my school then I went through something and everything I saw shimmered,strange.

*End of Flashback, I could really have some popcorn right now*

"Wait.... what!! I thought I killed that motherfucker??"I asked in confusion and looking puzzled.

"Now you sound a lot like Molly"Puss said, turning around then realizing what he just said.

"What?"I asked back, curious on why he said Molly's name.

"It's nothing"he said, looking shocked and then poof, he disappeared, coward.

"Whatever you do, do not look at me!"Jacob said, crossing his arms and going a head of everyone. We all blinked at him and then the song 'work bitch' started playing then Ada realized it was her phone that was ringing.

"Здравствуйте, я розмовляю Adabella Larndo?" the person on the phone spoke, more like shouted actually.

"Hello, am I speaking to Adabella Larndo?"

"Так, це Adabella Larndo?"she said, speaking Hungarian again.

"Yes, it Adabella Larndo?"

"75/25 .. незалежні, тому що я їду в країнах на мою власну, зробити поодинці свій шлях, вписуючись в культурі, як можу, то заробити дружні стосунки.

Після цього, у мене є 25% залежність від друзів я роблю .. я хотів би бачити місця з місцевими жителями, тому що вони мають кращу інформацію, і зробити місце оживають з їх власної точки зору, а не "схвалила історія 'сказав туристичні гіди.

"Щоб бути справедливим, я був далеко від дому протягом майже трьох років, і тому я не знаю, що це походить, щоб здійснити короткі поїздки за кордон" they said.

""75/25 .. independent because I am traveling to countries on my own, make your way alone, fitting into the culture as I can, then make friendships"

After that, I have a 25% dependence on friends I do .. I would love to see the place with the locals because they have better information and make the place come alive with their own terms and not "approved history" said tourist guides .

To be fair, I was away from home for almost three years, so I do not know what it's like to make a short trip abroad"

"Добре, який знову дбає?"she said, hanging up and all of staring at her, even Aragon and the demons above us."What?"

"Alright, who cares again?"

We all shook our head, kicked the demons above us and followed Dead into a room.


2 hours later of running around, fuck my life, Dead left us the minute we started talking to each other.

"I'm hungry!"I moaned, sitting down. Everyone was hungry too.

"Hey!"Adabella said, taking a basket of weird looking fruit.

"Is this even edible?"I asked, picking up a weird looking apple and examining it.

"Duh, that's why I bought the,"Adabella said, putting the fruit that was left over into the basket and put it in her bag. I took a bite out of the weird looking apple and thought about the flavour. It was a crisp, clean, and slightly sour.

"Certainly tastes like an apple"I said, ignoring the bitterness in the apple.

"Unless there is poison in it......SHIT!"Dead said above us then fell onto the empty space beside us and got up, hand on head."Then, you're dead"

"Like you?"Jamie said, laughing. No one wasn't laughing. Ada punched him in the shoulder."Ow! What was that......oh shit"

"You idiot!"Jacob whispered.

Dead turned around and starting balling his sockets out.

"I'm sorry about what I said, Dead, I didn't mean to offend you. I was really in a bad mood and just wasn't quite in the mood.That doesn't excuse how I acted, and I promise I won't let it happen again. Next time, I'll let you know when I'm pissed off instead of just saying you are...dead. You're a great friend who deserves better, and I hope you can forgive me" Jamie said, looking really sorry.

Dead stood up, turned around and smiled. Then he forgave Jamie and started drinking beer that magically appeared out of no where.

We came into several different rooms, Dead doing his.........job and guiding us to the one room where the Paraiba Tourmaline was. We were running down a corridor, passed another corridor when I suddenly stopped, walked back wards and started to see a vision of my sister running a head towards that corridor then disappeared. The fire arrows, I noticed them and followed them down that corridor.

"I'm going this way"I shouted, hoping the others heard me and ran down the messed up hall.

Jacob POV

I heard Melody shout then sneeze twice and I spun around but she wasn't there.

"Eh guys? Where is Melody gone?"I asked, looking at everyone and blinking.

"I have a feeling she know's where she's heading and meet up us where the Paraiba Tourmaline is" Serah said, nodding to Aragon, who took out a map out of his bag.

"You had a map all this time"Adabella said angrily, clenching her fists.

"Relax, I only thought of it "Aragon said, smiling and putting the map out on a flat survace, more like a table he found. As we were trying to find where we were standing, we could hear Melody shout above us, her sword swinging for a head, jumping off high places and screaming.

"Found her"Dead shouted from above, ducking a swinging sword and appearing beside us.

"Hey!!!"A demon shouted from behind us with a bunch of other demons, came running towards us and Chad, Jamie and I attacked them, swinging my sword and slicing a demon's head off. Aragon put the map away and we all followed him into this big room, where Melody was looking at a monster.

The Monster, a hooded figure, exactly like a grim reaper.

The arch of his scythe hung over Melody, poised for its routine. But his fearsome husk was halted for a moment. His hollow gaze caught hers, and it seemed as though an apparition sat before him, crumpled pitifully on the ground, looking up at him as she did. She turned her head to see us and we ran over.

I stood beside her and looked at Puss who just smiled.

"What is it, Puss?"I whispered to him, everyone wondering too.

"The Monster, A Grim Reaper of the Dead"he answered, getting ready to attack."He's guarding what we're after"

The grim reaper raised his head and swung his scythe, we all split while ducking and attacked. Serah used her power and so did Puss and Dead.

"Water!"Serah shouted, putting out her hand and sraying the monster with water.

"Fire!"Melody shouted, burning him with flames. Adabella attacked it with her sword. The Monster attacked me but I ducked his hand and strucked it with my sword. Dead disappeared and reappeared on the balcony beside the grim reaper and smiled.

"Look, we're related"he said, pointing at the hooded figure and put his thumbs up.

Melody POV 

IT'S A FUCKING GRIM REAPER!! I swung my sword, putting my hands out and fire pouring out, putting him fire. Dead distracted him while I dived onto where the jewel thing was. I held it and we all disappeared and reappeared outside the fence. The grim reaper broke through the building and chased us.

"Melody, quickly run!"Jacob shouted, taking my hand and everyone running to the cave where the ship was. Then the grim reaper appeared in front of us, blocking our exit and ready to swing his weapon but screamed in pain when it went on fire, burning his bony fingers? 

"Everyone quickly inside!"Chad shouted, going in after us and starting up the engine."Everyone holdon tight!"

We lifted off and death itself couldn't catch up with us, because we were going into another time gate..woo hoo!

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