Touch;Fire (after Touch:Water)

My name is Eva Lynch.It's been a year since I've seen my best friend Anna Pevzner.When I went back to school,I found out that Molly,my good friend has moved to another school,the ursuline because the mercy doesn't do leaving cert applied. But for some strange reason..she didn't get into TY (transition year)...And I bumped into a cat named Puss, who guided me somewhere......named The City of Fire in Paradise.

But darkness spreads all around us and part of the city is being destroyed by it.I must find out who has done this and kill them before the whole world end's up dead.Plus,I'm nearly always going back in time,its fun but I'd rather stay where I was at the very start......


3. Jump!(Friday)

They charged violently and I jumped,kicking Reese in the face.Dead takes out the garlic he stole from broken down shop and Dastan shrieking,running for his life and I'm like "OK then".I swung my sword,twisting myself and two swords clashing together.I cut his leg,by accident,making him stumble and land on his ass,ha!

"Eh,sorry about that"I apologized,then realizing how stupid I am.I am such an idiot.

Reese stood up and healed

"Wow your strong"he joked,laughing,even though there wasn't anything funny about what he said.

"Shut up"I said,climbing up to the very top of the building and thinking how am I suppose to get down?Oh yeah Mr.Annoying cat(Puss) will probably say "Use your head"

Molly would of said "Use your brain that the holy person you believe in gave you"

And now,Dead appeared with Dastan chasing him from behind,with a chair and a stool?OK then,weird....

I feel like I need to call Dead over.But then Reese finally got himself up and grabbed me from behind.He was about bite me but I still stood on his foot so so fucking hard that it made him fall back words and trip over his own two feet,then slapped his head off the pavement and knocked out.Dastan was knocked out too so we quietly walked away onto the 1st floor then Dead ditched me so I was all alone,feck it!

I sat down on the floor,with my back against the wall,thinking and thinking until I heard some boy talking below me,meaning on the ground floor.I peeped out and actually,there were a group of boys instead the one.

"Have you guys heard the news?"The fella who had red and blue hair,he must be a emo or something,I don't know.

"Yeah,I heard that the second element is found and she's in here,the ruins of her old school"Another one said,he had ginger spiky hair.

"Well,I'm not looking,I'll get my hands and clothes filthy dirty"The good looking boy cried,fixing long,short brown hair and his clothes,what a total Mr.Perfection.

"Actually we all are"The emo said,smacking the good lookingboy's head,ha ha,he deserves it I suppose.

"Well for one thing,I am staying here"Another good looking boy said,crossing his arms and closing his eyes,slowly.

The others rolled their eyes.I started to lean out a bit more and nearly fell until...someone grabbed me from behind,slammed me against the wall and downstairs the gang heard a crack.I had my eyes closed but when I opened them,I was looking into the eyes of a angry vampire..

Reese,feck it.

"How dare you"he shouted,squeezing tightly.He then put me onto his back and landed beside the good looking guy who was just standing around.

"Reese,it's you"he said,then noticing me and smiled."Hey,everyone,Reese is here"

Everyone came back and smiled.

"Look who I found"Reese said,throwing me over him and landing in front of him."That is the Fire Element,Melody"

They all smiled evilly at me.I stood up,falling into Reese who held onto me tightly,very painfully as well.

"Finally we found her,it would of taken ages"The first good looking boy said.Everyone rolled their eyes again.

"She doesn't know your names guys"Reese said,putting his hand over my mouth for stopping me from screaming.They all smiled,again,weird.

"My name is Niall"The first handsome guy said,winking at me.

"My name is Leo"The other handsome guy shouted,by accident I think.

"And my name is Zayne"the emo whispered quietly.

"Nice to meet you too"I said,standing on Reese's toe and running up the stairs,with the demon's following me.I finally got to the top again and met up with Dead again

"Good day Serah"he said,running beside me.I frowned at him and then we got to the edge of the building.Zayne was walking slowly on our right,Niall was on our left and the rest were behind us.

"How do we get down?"I shouted,the wind nearly blowing his hat off,yeah,he has a hat too.

"We jump of course and you create one of those fire time gates"he shouted,getting ready to jump.

"Are you crazy?"I shouted back,thinking he was joking.

"Very"he said,running with me.

"But we'r-"I said but was cut off by him dragging me and making me go on his back.

"Now,put your hand out and shout Fire:Time Gate!"he explained,ignoring me from screaming.


"Just do it or we'll hit the pavement"he shouted.I nodded and put my hand out.

"Fire:Time Gate!!!"I shouted,closing my eyes and hoping it would work.I opened my eyes and stopped screaming as everything turned red,like fire red without the orange.We both went through it and I think we came back out again.I opened my eyes and looked around to find myself in a forest,Dead no where to be found,what an idiot.Animals gathered around me,strange ones as well.

I stood up.As I leaned back on a old oak tree,I gazed up and absorbed the scenery around me.An old willow tree rustled in the breeze by the lake whilst the wind gently swept across the meadows.Stepping over tree rots,I make my way into the forest.

It's a lush,emerald green and there are flowers of every shape,size and colour.I breathed in deeply and am almost overwhelmed by the sweet scent of flowers of every kind.I can hear birds chirping in the background and a brook bubbling downstream.

I came to a cliff and came to a edge of a cliff but when I looked a head,I saw the most unreal site ever.It was a city,a red,hot,boiling,fire city! I noticed steps and went down them,then climbed down a ladder and was quite afraid that I would turn on fire if I step on the road to the entrance.

"Come on,we don't have all day"Puss said (on the right >>>),making me jump and nearly fall off the bridge.

"Don't,you ever frighten me like that,Puss,you almost gave me a heart attack"I said,taking deep breaths,in and out. Puss walked slowly forward.

"Are you going to walk across the bridge?"he asked,looking at me.

"Eh..yeah"I said nodding but not stepping forward.

"Do you even know how to walk across a bridge?"

"Of course I's just"I said,looking at the fire bridge then at him.

"It's just what??"he said,stepping onto it and surprising me.

"Its's just..I mean,how are you not burning yourself?"I said,walking slowly.

"Just keep walking and try to keep up"he said,walking a head.

I smiled and started to walk onto flaming burning bridge and for some reason,I didn't burn my feet.I ran up to Puss who was still smiling that creepy weird smile.He told me that he had to leave me again and head towards training centre.Then,he was gone and I was alone again,besides people walking around,going into shops and into their weird looking homes.

I noticed fire arrows pointing me to where I had to go,just like a video game.I followed them and noticed some demon guards,standing around.I walked slowly,towards one then it noticed it was being persevered,it swung hard into me making me stumble.Finding a sword,'cause I was kind of empty handed and picking it up.Swinging it hard,as my new sword met his,big fantastic one,I took his other arm,burning the skin and having to hear him howl with pain.I kicked him the face and turned him into flames.I did the same thing to another demon who came sprinting into me but I jumped and he crashed into another demon,burning the two of them now.

Finding my way to the the building Puss mentioned took a while to find.I ran for it,hearing demons scream and stumble after me,I kind of found it a bit funny. Running and running..then ditching them,oh thank heavens!

Dead appeared,driving a tank and dancing to some mad music.

"Stop starring at me,its giving me the creeps"He said,parking the tank on a telephone box,ok then.And then,he waved goodbye and went into a nearby pub,fine then.I walked up steps as it started to pour with rain,except the rain wasn't water,it was fire and didn't burn my skin at all.I noticed everytime I stepped forward,the path would flaten and steam would come through double doors and going to reception.Puss told me earlier to ask the people at the desk to call someone from my team.

"Hi,can I help you with anything?"the women at the desk said,smiling brightly and looking like she's in a good mood.

"HI,my name is Eva-Melody Sacra,I am the 2nd element,Fire"I explained,smiling and crossing my arms.

"I've heard that before and I have never seen someone who can control the power fire"she said,crossing her arms too."But you look like you want to prove it,so be my guest and aim for that statue"

She pointed at a statue and pressed a button,making it move all over the place.I concertrated on my target,put my hands out and boom,fire streaming out of my hands,destroying the whole thing all at once.The women's mouth was wide open when I looked back at her,hands on my hips,feeling so proud of myself.

"Well,can you beat that?"I asked,sitting on the desk so I could look at her straight into the eye.

"I'll call someone right away,element"she said,rushing,looking for the number.I helped her,looking underneath the desk.Right in front of my was a list of numbers,taped to the roof of the desk.

"Is this it?"I asked,showing her the sheet of paper.She nodded and got so excited,picking up the weird looking office phone,calling someone.

"We found her,she's standing in front of me,send someone please"she said,spinning and spinning around in her twisty chair,ha ha.She smiled at me."I thank you dearly for helping me and for coming here but I want to know who sent you?"

"Puss the black cat,even though there was Dead the crazy skeleton,but he kept ditching me,Puss rarely did it"I said,standing up straight.She said what exactly I said to the person on the phone.She told me to go wait in a room just around the corner.I followed the red arrows,noticing someone in a black hood constanly watching my every step,I desided to ignore them and go into the room.When I walked in,I was surprised of the sight I saw.

There was a big orchardf filled every fruit you can think of,a cottage garden with primroses, bluebells, cyclamens,Alstroemerias,Anemone,Calla Lily,etc,you name it.I lay on the grass,nearly falling asleep.Someone was watching me,there shadow appearing by the lava lake that I just spotted now.It was the person who had there hood up and was watching me when I arrived.

"You must be Melody Sacra,the Fire element"they spoke,taking down their hood and showing their face.It was a boy,a cute one,I mean he was so darn handsome,it made me smile at him.Upon his arrival,I felt my heart begin to race.My eyes traced his tall slender figure, from his messy dark brown hair down to his worn combat boots two sizes too big.His eyes warm, a range of soft colours.Reminding me of sweet caramel.Lilac bags hung under them, ageing him quite a bit, but he couldn't be much older than me nonetheless. Seeing him stumble a bit, I relaxed."My name is Jason Ketna"

I walked over to him slowly,standing beside him.He looked around and grabbed my hand,pulling me out of the room.When we got out,the door was sealed shut once again,well that's what he had said while I was sprinting beside him.We both could see that the place was filled with monsters and robotic ones.Dead appeared.

"Did you know the best things in life are free.The second best are very expensive and useless"he said,swinging his umbrella to his right then his left,destroying the robot demons to pieces then walking away from us,leaving nothing but the umbrella itself. We both ran for it,destroying all the monsters,every last one.

"Well that was fun,your really strong Melody"Jacob said,shaking hands with me.

"Thanks,I appricate it but your strong too you know"I said,smiling.We left,walking into a elevator.

"So this is where our team lives,then downstairs is where we train with each other and other immortals"he explained as we went up in the elevator.

"Immortals?"I asked,frowning,wondering where have all the humans have gone.

"Everyone's immortal in this city,I'm one too,besides you and those bloody demons"he explained,scratching his neck.

"Where have all the human's gone?"I asked,frowning at him,looking scared.

"Nobody knows,Melody,it's a mistery"he explained,looking at part of the city a head.I noticed it too,was shocked from the damage of the old part of the city."But I have a feeling that once the 5th Element,we will get some answers about what happened to this magic world"

"But it's strange you know,I mean,you should kind of know what happened a long time ago or something"I suggested,then thinking about this world.

"Jacob,is this the world future?"I asked,looking straight into his eye.

"Yes Melody,this is the future"he said,nodding and looking dead serious.


We walked out of the elevator and headed own appartment,well,Jacob was saying it as we were strolling along side,him explaining the laws,food,rules in the building,etc.He handed me the key and I opened the front door.We walked in and I was amazed of the kitchen,the furniture and seeing that everything is

Wooden flooring on the kitchen part,me standing on a big fluffy rug that goes as far as my bedroom to every single room.The kitchen was small,it was in the same room as the living room,modern looking and very clean looking.Jacob said that I have a walk in wardrobe,a special room for me to go back in time to the normal world,I had huge,bouncy bed and very cosy too.French doors leading out onto a balcony,a beautiful view of the city itself and the ruins.

"Thank you so much Jacob for letting me have this apartment"I said,hugging him and smiling brightly.He blushed and stared at the ceiling,into space.

"Eh...your welcome Melody"he said,looking at me hugging me back and smiling,now THAT made me feel warm and cosy.He headed for the door.

"Your not staying?"I said,sadly,loving his company already.

"Unfortunly not,I have so much work to do,I don't want to put it a side or I'll forget about it"he said,stopping and putting his hands my shoulders."My room is number 178,just down the hall,you can come tomorrow morning,that is if you can get up"

I nodded,waving goodbye to him.He's right,I need to rest and sleep and go home etc,I don't know.

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