Touch;Fire (after Touch:Water)

My name is Eva Lynch.It's been a year since I've seen my best friend Anna Pevzner.When I went back to school,I found out that Molly,my good friend has moved to another school,the ursuline because the mercy doesn't do leaving cert applied. But for some strange reason..she didn't get into TY (transition year)...And I bumped into a cat named Puss, who guided me somewhere......named The City of Fire in Paradise.

But darkness spreads all around us and part of the city is being destroyed by it.I must find out who has done this and kill them before the whole world end's up dead.Plus,I'm nearly always going back in time,its fun but I'd rather stay where I was at the very start......


5. Going back in time...great(Saturday and a bit of Sunday)

Melody POV 

Floating in a unknown time world,fire loop to loop,ah feck,what are they called...a WHIRLPOOL!So anyway,we were in a fire whirlpool.

"Eh,please tell me where we are"I asked,looking around

"A time line,where one future world connects to the past world...

"Really?Or are you just guessing?"I said,smirking at him and then smiling.

"It's a secret"he said,grinning and putting his hand on my shoulder as we entered the big red and orange like and landing painfully onto grass.Moaning and Jacob helping me stand up and standing in the middle of a field.Verdant green grasses, waving in the wind,lush grass,emerald meadows,Pasture and a meadow,seeing one of the next door planet all in the dark and a further one behind.Mountains further a head and Puss staring at us.

"Well about time you two showed up"he said,looking at the city a head."By the way,in this time,your in a village"

"Were you expecting us or something?"Jacob asked,looking confused an eyeing me and noticing that the weird looking birds were scattering away and flew away.

"Yes"Puss,answered,frowning at the bloody skeleton making so much noise,sprinting through the high grasses."Dead,what the fuck are you doing?"

Jacob and I looked at each other and wondered why Dead was in this world too.

"Shouting 'so long Fucking Floppy Beasts!' and being chased by robotic Buffalo's"he explained, running past us and having the animal thing knocking us off our own feet except for Puss,he just jumped into the air,why didn't I do that?And finally,Dead got away from it.Don't ask me how he did it,wasn't really paying attention.

"So em,why are you two here in this world?"Jacob asked,looking very curious..too curious.

"Because we live here,duh"Dead answered,even though Jacob was hoping Puss to answer.And then they said bye and disappeared...again,feck sake. We went into the town and looked around the place.It was a rather quiet neighborhood.All of the houses on the street have half acre yards, and most of them are two stories tall.On the right side of the street there is a small stream running through the woods behind the houses and across the stream there is a large hill that has another neighborhood going up.Barely 1km from one house there was a small road that went through some woods into another neighborhood.

There's a bridge over the highway where the small road used to go.One of the more major things they have done though.There was a large forest area near the highway.Along some parts of this road there are some clusters off small businesses and pubs,including a inn.There were more trees and more open roads to drive fast on.

We walked on and by the time we got to the end of the village,it got dark and was lashing with rain.We headed to the inn and went inside. 

Jacob POV 

I walked up to the the counter,watching Melody who looked around.Men were laughing and drinking.The inn had a bar in the center,with stools all around with men scattered all over the room and old wooden stairs that probably led up to the bedrooms.

"Excuse me?"I called waiting for the bar man come over.He came over and smiled.

"Good evening youngsters,my name is Phil O'Neil.If you would like normal sized bed,free to ask away"he said,greeting me then noticing Melody looking out the window,gazing at the moon."So what will it be..Mr.?"

"Jacob.Jacob Ketna,immortal.And could we have a attached bedroom please?"I answered,watching Melody and smiling at Phil.

"Alright then.And excuse me Miss,I advise you to not stare into the sky and what is your name?"Phil asked,writing down my name and waiting for Melody to say her name.

"My name is Melody Sacra"she answered,smiling at me."I am the Second Element,The Fire Element"

Everyone in the bar stopped talking and just stared at her.

"Well bless my soul but may I ask,why are you in this time and not in your own?"Phil asked,looking so interested in her life so far and I'm standing here like I'm invisible.

"To be honest,I don't really know but if you see Puss the Black(Annoying) Cat,he will sure love to tell you"she said,smiling and waiting for me to hand the money in and take the keys off Phil and head upstairs.I handed him the money and gave me the keys,winking at me and getting Melody confused.

We went upstairs and found our room.It was sort of like a apartment,just without the kitchen of course.On our left was one bedroom,beside it was the bathroom,then a small living room and then another bedroom.Melody decided to take the right one,since she was standing closest to it so I took the other one.

Melody POV 

I decided to go for a shower,since I haven't had one in ages so I told Jacob and he told me that he'll be downstairs having something to eat.There was a bathtub and a separate shower cubicle.There was a towel heater along the wall,so the towels could be hung up and kept warm while you are in the shower. It also had a red carpet with a normal white toilet.Everything I saw since I came nearly was always red and with Fire crest on it,representing the city.I got into the shower and turned on the shower.

The first drop hit my skin.I remember what had happened now,it all seemed clear.The warm droplets formed steam as I stood there without moving at all, the voices banging in my head. They said the same thing,over and over again,how much clearer could it be?My skin was burning from the mellow droplets morphing into sharp little blades of fire.Yes,turning black now.Yes.Turning back now,I remember.It is clear.I turned the water off and grabbed the towel.

Looking at myself in the mirror and taking off my make up.Going into my bedroom and looking inside the wardrobe.Apparently there were clothes already in it.

I decided to wear Stretch Skinny Trousers.While Heart Collar Top,Buckle Black OX Leather Coach Long Boots and a Top Coat White Cardigan.I put my hair up in a festive Curly Hair Ponytail and curled it with the curler I found.

I came downstairs and went over to the bar.I noticed Jacob was watching me.I looked over at him. He was looking at me and didn't notice me looking at him,he noticed,I looked away.Then I looked back again a few minutes later and he's staring at me,he probably is.He caught me looking at him,then  me just give a little smile then look away and look at Phil who was smiling at Jacob.He gave Phil a note to me and it said "Where ever you're going, I'm going your way and will always be by your sight" 

I looked at Jacob and he winked at me,noticing me blushing and me hearing my heart beat.I got himself and myself coke and sat beside him.We were sitting on a couch,waiting for a waitress or waiter to come over.And then Dead came in and dawdled over to us in his in black and white shoes,including the hat.

"Melody,to describe happiness is to diminish it,alright?Oh and the shadows are on there way to the main entrance gate,in 2 or 3 hours so eat up quickly and drinking for me only"he said,ordering a beer and getting a waiter to order our food.I got sliders(mini burgers) and chips and Jacob got the same.

"Eh,how is Dead smoking a pipe without a throat?"I whispered to Jacob looked at me."What I meant was,he is a skeleton and he's"

"Don't know,don't know much about his life,only know he's an idiot who always drinks, smokes,disappears out of the blue,drives a army tank anywhere and everywhere,says the most stupid stuff ever,says the most random stuff you can't or don't want to imagine and plus,every demon and monster hates him,because he's an asshole"he said,starring at Dead who was....eating chips,just weird looking ones.Dead looked me then Jacob then looked back at his food and left..again.

I continued eating and ordered another coke for myself and Jacob,who was enjoying his meal.We finished our dinner and I went to the bathroom.What I didn't know was that Jacob ordered a dessert for two.I cam back,sat back down and smiled at him.It arrived,I looked at it then at Jacob,who put his arm over my shoulder.I blushed and we both dug in.


We went back upstairs and I went into the living room.I sat on the weird shaped couch and looked at my phone,checking Facebook and stuff.Got a lot of messages from Molly.Jacob came in with Puss talking and talking.

"Melody,tomorrow we have to go and investigate the area"Jacob said,walking over to me and sitting beside me,making me blush again.I nodded and stared dreamily into the ceiling,not taking my eyes off the symbol of fire above's fucking everywhere.Puss jumped onto my the side table and waving his paws across my eyes.

"Are you ok there Melody?"He asked,throwing a pillow at me.

"Ow that hurt you idiot"I said,looking at him and throwing it back."I'm fine"

"You sure baby?"Jacob asked,smiling at me.I glared,nodded and stood up."Where you off to?"

"Bed which doesn't mean sleep"I explained,walking fast towards the door.

"Yeah,I know"he said,putting his thumps up and winking.

"We"Puss corrected,looking at him seriously.

"Yeah,well whatever Puss"he said back,putting the middle finger up at him.I waved goodbye and left.

Puss POV 

"What did you say to her?"I said,looking at him straight in the eye.

"I didn't say anything to her,I swear".I sighed and left.

Some time elsewhere

"I'm back now your highness,what is it?"I asked,looking at her as she watched the flying cars go by,stopping at every red light and beeping at other drivers.

"Is she in another time,with Jacob?"she asked,turning around and looking at me.

"Yes,she is staying in the inn you once dreamed about being in one night,remember?And it happened again before you got married"I explained,walking over to her.I stoped,she walked over,ripples on the water as she put one foot on the water floor to the other one,making it ripple and ripple.She got down on both knees and hugged me."Oh,thank god"

"But Reese would want to hurt her"I said,looking at her as she turned her back on me.

"Just like he did something to me"she said,rubbing her wrist where it was once smashed and broken,badly.She sighed and smiled."You have to go,don't you?"

"Yes Serah,I must"I said,nodding and bowing."See you some other time,my friend"

I left her alone and disappeared.

Melody POV                                                                                                                                                              

Walking into my room and glance through the door on my left where a quite spacious room folds out.The walls are red,along with the ceiling and the door to the walk in closet.Light filters into the empty room from the large window facing the driveway below.A bench was built into the wall underneath the window.My pyjamas was a black sleeveless top with the pink panther on it and multi-coloured bottoms.I went on my laptop,see,I did bring some of my own stuff.30 notifications,15 messages and 1 friend request on Facebook,brilliant.I looked at the comments and messages first then looked at the friend request.It said Reese Vampire added you.I didn't accept thank fuck.

00:03 in the morning

And I'm still awake,turning off the laptop and going to sleep,noticing Puss jumping on the bed and coming over to my face.

"Mind if I stay the night?"he asked,getting comfortable on the double bed.

"Fine"I said,turning over and shutting my eyes.

"If Jacob has said something to upset you,he's sorry"he said,looking over his shoulder. But I was fast asleep even though I did hear him,bam,I fell asleep the minute he spoke.

08:00,Sunday morning 

Waking up,looking into the eyes of a cat.Puss was staring at me,probably waiting for me to wake up and didn't even blink once,creepy.

"I'm trying to sleep Puss"I moaned,turning my back and shutting my eyes.I opened my eyes and looked over my shoulder,he was fast asleep the opened his eyes,looking at me and getting up.

"I know you are,I just wanted to confuse you,Melody"he said,jumping off the bed and heading towards the door,"But just to remind you to wake in a hour"

"What time is it now?"I asked,getting up,searching for my phone and noticing Puss had it in his paws,looking at the time and smiling that creepy smile of his.

"08:45" he said,having me to tear the place(not really),hearing him and finally noticing him hold my phone,still smiling.

"Thanks and give me my phone please"I thanked and put out my hand,waiting for him to give it to me.

"Say please if you want it"he said,smiling even more and showing his teeth.

"I already said please,twice now"I argued,stepping forward and wanting my phone.

"Did you now?"he asked,getting smart with me now.

"Yes,I did so for the 3rd time,please give me my phone"I answered,looking all serious and all.

"Ok then"he said,handing me my phone and waving goodbye. And poof,he was gone,what a creepy cat and a pain in the ass is,messing with my head.Then there was a loud knocking sound on my door and waiting patently.

"Melody,it's time to go"Jacob shouted,allowing himself to open the door and seeing me standing there.I opened the curtains and packed everything away."Wow,you look hot"

I stopped what I was doing and starred at him.

"Shut up!"I said,kicking him out.I opened the wardrobe

I wore a gauze red cut-out O-ring dress, shoulder harness,hedband matching armcuffs and red boots. It was short and flowly,if that makes sense..I hope.I put up my hair in a festive curly hair ponytail.

I came out,looking at him with his backpack.We got breakfast downstairs,it was outstanding!Then we thanked Phil and left,with our hoods up.

"Did I annoy you back there?"he asked,giving money to a guy who sells horses.Jacob got a kaimanawa horse and I got a rocky mountain horse.We rode and rode,until we came to a forest nameded Glenariff Forest Park.

Green,deep,dark,light filtering through the top branches,smelling the composting leaves, crackling branches as the horse brings me through,branches touching above as I walk below them,hidden wonders as I get off and walk around in the forest,green meadow hidden in the folds of the forest,the earthy smell of beginnings and endings.Fire coming up into the hair and back into another hole again. Dull,dismal, haunting,inspiring, bursting with life, fairytale,wonderland,ever green.A firefall flowing that splashing me but not the horse.

I got back on and followed Jacob.We came to a open area and spotted a group of demons sitting around,giving out about the food and noticing us.We galloped hard,the demons chasing us.I blew fire and they stopped and ran for it.They ran away from me,that's why they stopped in terror and ran for it.

"Are they going to tell the master that the fire element is found?"I asked Jacob,looking at him and holing onto the reins as I opened another time gate.

"Probally,that's why I told you to open another portal,Puss want's us not to get caught by demons or they will interfere with our time"he explained,calming the horse down.and thinking.I was thinking too,about how we met Puss and Dead..again but in a different time.He must have a power to duplicate himself and be in every time of the world.I don't know but I want to find out and found out soon.

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