Come Back Darling

I'm A Murderer.

Cadenza saw him everywhere. Up the trees. In the lake. Trapped in the corner of her room. Hidden amongst the shadows. Where ever she went, he was there and she couldn't take it.


5. Scrawl 3


Oakley Was The Best Little Brother Ever. People Always Claim Their Little Brother Is The Best, But You Couldn't Get A Sweeter, Nicer, Lovelier, Cooler, Funnier, Weirder, Crazier Brother Than Oakley. He Was Only Eleven, Which Is Too Young To Die. There Was This Song, By Some Band, Called Too Young To Die. I Wanted To Play It At His Funeral But My Parents Said No. They Said That It Was Too Soon. But When Is Soon? They Won't Say.

Oakley's Eyes Were The Best Things About Him. The Hazel Colour Wasn't Just Hazel. It Was Like A Rich Chestnut Mixed With A Light Hazelnut Crossed With Glints Of Fiery Gold Like Stars At Night. But The Colour Wasn't The Best Thing. It Was The Way You Could Tell All His Emotions Just Through His Eyes.

If He Was Mad, You Could See The Amber Tips Of Angered-Fuel Fire Lick The Black Of His Pupils And Dim The Glow Of Gold. If He Was Excited, His Eyes Would Dance With Happiness,And The Hazel Would Grow Lighter. If He Was Sad, He Wouldn't Physically Cry Tears, His Eyes Would. The Black Of His Pupils Would Shimmer With Water And You Could Just See The Emotion. Everything He Did Was So Dramatic, But He Never Acted It. Acting Was Never His Forte. But His Eyes Were Amazing At Acting.

One Time I Told Him To Go To An Audition.

"caddy, I Am Possibly The Worst Actor In The History Of Human Beings. Why On Earth Would I Go To An Audition?" We Were Sitting At The Breakfast Bar, Eating Cheerios. Before We Put The Milk In, We Would Switch Colours Round. 

"I Don't Mean You Should Go To An Audition, I Mean You Should Get Your Eyes An Audition." He Spat Out One Dark Brown Cheerio At This Point. I Couldn't Tell If He Was Choking On Milk, Or Laughing. Obscure Gargles Would Escape His Throat And His Eyes Went Crazy. They Couldn't Stay Still. Instead, They Circulated In Crazy Circles, Zigzagging In Patterns. My Hand Raised To Clap Him On The Back After I Supposed My Choking Assumption Was Correct.

"It's Official!" He Wheezed, Clutching His Stomach And Nearly Falling Off The Stool. I Lowered My Hand. It Was Okay, He'd Been Laughing.

"My Sister Has Gone Mental! caddy, You Are Positively Bonkers! How Can You Apply For Your Eyes To Get An Audition?" He Hopped Off The Stool And Stuck Out His Hand, Miming Shaking Hands With An Imaginary Person.

"Hello Mr Director Man, I'm Oakley Maise." He Moved To The Opposite Position Of Where He Was Standing Before. I Guessed He Was Pretending To Be Mr Director Man.

"Hello Oakley, Are You Ready For The Audition?" Switch.

"Me? Oh No, You've Got It Wrong. My Eyes Are Auditioning." Switch.

"You're Eyes? Why, You're A Madman! Quick, Call Security!" He Flapped His Hand, Pretending To Order Another Invisible Person Around. Switching Places Again, He Swung His Hands Up In The Air Like He Was Surrendering.

"Madman? Nonsense! My Sister Said My Eyes Should Audition And I Must Say, They Are Quite Brilliant!" He Stretched This Crazy Smile, And Bowed Before Flicking His Head Round And Turned His Mouth Into An 'O'.

"Security! Nooooooooooo!" Placing A Hand To His Forehead, He Pretended To Get Dragged Away By Some Muscly Man. I Laughed And Clapped As He Swung His Head Round The Door He Was 'Dragged Out Of'.

"You're Right," I Laugh. He Hops Back Onto The Stool And Shoves A Spoonful Of Cheerios Into His Mouth.

"You Do Suck At Acting!"

"Hey!" He Mumbled Through The Cereal, Waving His Spoon At Me. I Grin And Bat It Away.

"You, caddy, Are One Heck Of A Nuisance." 

That's One Of My Favourite Memories Of Oakley. I Was Serious About His Eyes Auditioning, But It Is Strange. But Then Again, What Good Is Any Idea Without A Hint Of Crazy?

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