Come Back Darling

I'm A Murderer.

Cadenza saw him everywhere. Up the trees. In the lake. Trapped in the corner of her room. Hidden amongst the shadows. Where ever she went, he was there and she couldn't take it.


3. Scrawl 2


People Keep On Saying That It Wasn't My Fault. That I Couldn't Have Deterred It Or Changed Anything, It Was All Black Mask's Fault. His Real Name Is Robert Something, But I Only Remember Him With That Creepy Black Mask Shadowing His Face And Only Those Yellow Eyes.

I Found It Strange That He Had Yellow Eyes, But When I Visited The Police Station And I Was Asked To Pick Out The Man, It Was Easy To Find Him. When They Said The Murderer Would Be Locked In A Prison Cell, I Walked Straight Into The Nearest Open Cell. Un-Fortunately, I Couldn't Lock Myself In There And Was Forced Out. They Said I Was Too Innocent To Be Locked Away.


They Don't Know Anything.

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