A rich girl go's for a walk on the beach and she saw a girl throwing something on the ground. She picked up the thing since that day her life changes forever


2. the life as a unicorn

She woke up on a bed of clovers. She looked up at the throne in front of her. "Hello so you are febe aren't you?" A little fairy asked "uh yes .. Yes i am. Why?" Febe asked confused "i need to know the names of the animals that live in my forest!" The fairy said. Febe remembered herself that she was an unicorn "oh yes of course" febe said while standing up. The fiary came closer to look at the necklace "where did you find this?" The fairy asked with her eyes as big as plates staring at the emerald "on the beach it's beautiful isn't it." Febe said "you're never losing that thing again!" The fairy said while backing off a little "what's up with it?" Febe said "it's been cursed a long time ago" the fairy said "al long time Ago there was an evil queen ruling the land of unafy, when she was chased by our army of elves and of course unicorns she cursed a necklace. The curse says: if somebody finds the necklace that person will become a mystical creature and enter unafy! Then i will rule again!" The fairy explained "you're going to bring darkness back!" The fairy said. "But there's no way of me being the bad guy! I'm a superhero!" Febe screamed while standing on a rock en pointing her horn proudly in the air. A cold breeze swirled around "hey lets.." "Shh" whispered the fairy "quick follow me" the fairy said "uhm okay" febe said. They ran through the forest and hid under a tree. "Why are we hiding?" Febe asked "just be quiet." The fairy whispered "okay."

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