A rich girl go's for a walk on the beach and she saw a girl throwing something on the ground. She picked up the thing since that day her life changes forever


1. the change

Once upon a time there was a girl named febe. She was very rich she didn't even had to go to school her dad just paid the school to say she was there. The only thing she knew was how soft her couch was. But one day she said to herself "I'm going to the beach!" So stood up and got to the beach. After a while of doing nothing and tanning she decided to go for a walk. She wandered of and came back to her senses when she felt a slightly cold breeze in her neck. "Where am i?" She asked herself "I must have wandered off again" not so far away she saw a girl throwing something on the ground. She tried to run after the girl but she disappeared. She went back to see what she threw. "A necklace?!" It was a diamond necklace with an emerald kind of stone in the middle."it's beautiful!" She ran straight forward and came back on the beach. She got back at her towel and sat down for a minute thinking 'who was that girl and what was she doing there all alone?' That question was for later the only thing she wanted to do was going home.

The next morning she woke up very early. She ran off to the bathroom to look in the mirror. "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!" Her hair was long till her bum and rainbow colored. "I didn't get drunk last night so what happened?!" "Daddy is going to kill me!" She tried to cut her hair but the it grew back straight away. She washed her hair with all the shampoos in the entire house but the color didn't wash out. "Oh my god oh my god!!" She ran back to her room jumped in her bed took her phone and called her boyfriend: "hi babe what's up?" Brandon said "baby my hair has grown wild and it's rainbow colored!"she yelled into the phone "babe you need to calm down it's probably not so bad!" He tried to calm her " brandon please come over!"she asked "uhm okay see you in an hour." He said "thanks kisses!!" She said and closed the call. 1HOUR LATER. 'DING DONG'. Febe ran to the door opened it and jumped in brandon's armes "thanks for coming over babe!" " I'll do everything for you baby!" He said with a loving voice " come in!" Febe said. They whent to her room and sat on the bed. "Now get that giant colorful bun out of your hair" brandon said with a spotting accent "not funny babe!" She said while taking the gianormes thing out of her hair. "Wow it is really how you described it on the phone!" Brandon said with an open mouth."I told you!" She said "babe calm down did you wash it?" He asked "are you kidding me now!!" She screamed while freaking out. "Do you really think that if my hair was like this i would just leave it like this?!" "You're right what is your dad gonna say?" He asked with a serious voice "i don't know! He probably freak out and grounds me forever!" She said with the tears in her eyes" she heard the door "honey I'm home!" Her dad shouted "oh my god he's home what do i do?!" She asked brandon with a shivering voice "just face him whatever he says i will be right here and i will always be!" He said with the cutest voice you can imagine. She gave him a kiss and walked towards the door she grabbed the door handle and looked back at brandon who was sitting there slightly nodding. She opened the door and walked slowly to the kitchen. She looked around the corner, there he was just sitting there eating a banana. She stepped into the kitchen "dad" she whispered. He looked up and his eyes got so big that they almost popped out off his sockets. "What did you do to your hair febe?!" He said on a tone that surprised her it wasn't loud not angry. He came closer he pulled it "it real!" He said with a slightly angry voice "daddy i didn't do this I swear! I just woke up like this!" She screamed with the tears rolling down her cheeks. "It's fine it's going to take some time to get used to it but its fine." He said while hugging her "so you're not mad?" She asked surprised "of course not you're a 16 you're old enough to make your own decisions!" He said. She tried to get herself out of the hug position. As soon as she got lose she ran off to her room "BRAAAANNNNDOOOOOON!!!" She shoots into his arms kissing him everywhere on his face. Her dad came in "hello brandon" he said with his serious voice "hello mister smith." He said while trying not to laugh "so are you planning to stay the night?" Her dad asked "uhm why ?" He asked silent "so i know for how many people i have to cook." Her dad said with a big smile. Brandon looked at her and she nodded her head . "Ok! But where do i sleep mr, smith?" He asked "on the couch." He said like he had fun with it "ok but we can watch a movie right?" Brandon asked "of course on the couch !" Mr smith said. They both fell asleep on the couch.

The next morning brandon ate breakfast and went back home. Her dad got to work. Another day of sitting on the couch. But there was a slight change she went for a walk at 4 pm "I'm starting to like the nature!" She said while inhaling the fresh air of the trees "and this emerald really go's along with it!" She said smiling "I'm feeling tired i'm going to rest on that bench." She fell asleep on the bench. A few hours later she woke up in a fairylike forest. "Where am i?" She asked herself again. She tried to stand up but she couldn't she could only stand on her feet en hands together "what the fuck!" She saw a pond not far away and tried to get there as fast as possible. She looked at herself in the water and she was shocked "white fur , hooves, a horn, i'm a unicorn!" She screamed. Again in a not so far distance she saw the girl from the beach. "Hello!" Febe tried to get her attention. The girl looked up and stared at her. Febe tried to go closer and closer and closer. But then Maybe 3 steps away from her she ran into the forest, she galloped after the girl who was running so fast that even a galloping horse couldn't come close. Her leg got stuck in a plant she fell down and everything got black.

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