2. Monday

Anya spent all of maths class thinking of ways to help Peacock with her revenge plan. As amazing as it was, Anya wasn't sure were Krab and Carmilla would be at lunch,and trying to seperate the two was impossible. Unless, she could keep Carmilla away from Krab, the whole plan would be a flop. But then she remembered, there was one person who could stand that bitch for so long.


"Apparatus." whispered Anya


Their teacher was talking to another teacher so she had to talk to Apparatus before the teachers finished their conversation. 


Apparatus, who was sitting in front of her, turned her head to the sky. "Thor?" she said in confusion,at the sky.


"No, you idiot, its me, Anya." 


"Ohh." Apparatus turned her head to face Anya. "What's up?"


"Do you know where Carmilla and Krab go at lunch?"


"I heard Carmilla tell Krab to wait for her in the canteen. I have her in my next lesson, do you want me to pass on a message?"


 "No, but if you could keep her occupied for the first half of lunch, that would be great." said Anya.




"Oh, no reason, we just thought that cause she spends so much time with Krab, he doesn't get any free time, so you just hang out with her for the first half of lunch, or even all of lunch." Anya said, proud of herself for having thought of a cover story so quick.


"Ok, sure." Apparatus turned back round and Anya smiled to herself as she had just made Peacock's job a whole lot easier. 

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