1. It Was Just An Auto Correct

Peacock, Anya, Tipex, Televison and Steffany all walked into Room 109 one after the other. After a heated debate in which Apparatus cut in saying that Carm "wouldn't bite" which of course made Carmilla burst out laughing but in the end it was Peacock who had to sit next to Carmilla with Anya sitting to left of Peacock. Tipex walked up to hug Apparatus but Carmilla got up and "accidentally" shoved him in the other direction, so he settled to sitting next to Krab. Steffany walked to sit to the right of Tipex but ended being brutally pushed out of the way by Television.                   "What the hell?"

"I want to sit there." He pointed to the sit which just happened to be opposite Carmilla.

"I was here first" Steffany said pulling the chair closer to him.

"Just sit there then" Television said pointing to a chair on the right but still keeping a hold of the chair

" Listen here y-

" Boys, boys, please, keep it in your pants!" shouted Carmilla from across the room earning a laugh from the rest of the girls apart from Farmfoods and Peacock. Steffany let go of the chair and sat down to the left of a very red looking Television.

Nobody spoke for 5 minutes. There was an unspoken tension in the air, from Carmilla giving Tipex death stares every time he tried to say something to Apparatus, to Krab giving Peacock small waves and smiles, Steffany trying to wink at Anya but failing and ending up looking like he had a spastic eye, to Farmfoods tightening the grip of whatever she was holding in her hand when Carmilla rested her elbow on her chair.

"How about we play a game to ease up the tension" Apparatus said after Carmilla gave her 100th death stare to Tipex. Everyone nodded in agreement. "I thought we could play truth or dare" 

"Can I go first?" said Steffany


" Truth or dare, Anya?" 

Anya looked up, she was texting someone on her phone, so she wasn't paying attention. "What?"

Carmilla swung back on her chair to look at Anya. "Quick, say dare"

"Dare!" Anya looked at Carmilla. "Thanks". Carmilla sat back forward and smirked.

"Okay, Anya, I dare you to kiss..Peacock!" 

"You are such a-"
"This isn't like one of your pornos" Carmilla said, stopping Anya mid sentence.

"I didn't need your help"

"I'm a nice person" Carmilla shrugged her shoulders, elbow still resting on Farmfoods.

"Oh yeah, well since you're such a nice person, I dare you to kiss.....Television."



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