Which one will it be?

Willow Tahnee Sounness, 17, moves to Mandurah from Karatha and starts a while new year at Coodanup College, but has no friends, she is shy and alone... She has a abusive father, a hard working mother and two brothers. She starts her first day at school, but has no one to guide her except her best friend, lark. Then she meets 4 boys.
The handsome smartass
The shy gentleman
The classy player
And the funny romantic...
Which one is which?
Which one will she fall for?

Warning: includes violence, swearing and sexual activity.


1. Intro :)

Hi, I'm Willow. I am 17 and I just moved from Karatha to Mandurah a few weeks ago when 2015 just started. It's very different here so far, it's not as hot as Karatha. I miss my friends and my other relatives but my best friend, lark, has managed to come with us. I live in a house near serpentine river and a park full of dirt. I have two brothers, Ethan (11) and Jordi (21). My father, Gavin, (45) and my mother, Shelley (49) have split up recently... So I live with dad and Lark, while my brothers live at mums. I do visit my mum sometimes. Tomorrow, I start at a new school, Coodanup College, with Lark. I'm very nervous but I have Lark, so hopefully I'll be fine. I don't know if I'll cope with my abusive father being around. When I turn 18, lark and I plan to get an apartment to get away from him. I'm a musician aswell, so I also plan to go to university soon to study music. I'm a top grade student, I have never done anything wrong in school. I was just a regular school girl with brown hair and eyes, tanned body and a lot of bruises and scars... And I got bullied alot because of it... Only people I had was lark, Olivia, Jazmin and Jordan.

This is my life story, most of this is true. The only difference and that I'm actually 15 but I'm making my age appropriate for the 5sos boys. I want to meet 5sos in real life and I really hope to. Please enjoy guys 💕

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