Which one will it be?

Willow Tahnee Sounness, 17, moves to Mandurah from Karatha and starts a while new year at Coodanup College, but has no friends, she is shy and alone... She has a abusive father, a hard working mother and two brothers. She starts her first day at school, but has no one to guide her except her best friend, lark. Then she meets 4 boys.
The handsome smartass
The shy gentleman
The classy player
And the funny romantic...
Which one is which?
Which one will she fall for?

Warning: includes violence, swearing and sexual activity.


4. Chapter 3

Willows POV

The home siren goes and I haven't seen lark all day. I'm worried sick but ash keeps me company. I haven't spoken a word since the fight with lark. I'm never the same without him. He's my bestfriend... He's always there for me.. I picked up my phone. No messages, just more Facebook notifications. I open Facebook and stare at my screen. I see hate... Lots of it. 'That new girl, willow, she's such a bitch, she took Michael away from me!!!' I look at the comments. 'How dare she!' 'That slut!!!' I feel the water build up in my eyes and I close them. Tears stream down. Ash notices. "Willow are you okay???" He asks. The boys stare at me once again. I nod and walk away. I ditch my phone to the ground and Michael comes after me. "Hey, it's okay," he says and pulls me into a hug. I hug him back. I nod. Calum and Luke look at my phone and frown. Luke whispers something to Calum. "What is Michael doing? He's the biggest player in the whole school!" Calum nods. Michaels gentle touch makes my body feel warmer. I should be very careful...

Michaels POV

I hold her in my arms. What am I doing??? I'm a player! Why would I do this? Why would my feelings change suddenly? I only just met her! I've only known her for 6 hours! She's beautiful, she really is and I can see the bruises on her face. The makeup doesn't really help. I know that someone's hurting her... I decided to ask. "Willow? Can we talk please?" I ask. She nods and I take her somewhere else. I stand close to her and she backs away. "Who's hurting you..." I say. She looks down. "I hope it's not lark!" I say clenching my fist. "No it's not... It's my dad." She whispers. I calm down and hug her as she falls to the ground. She pushes me away. "I'm sorry Michael, I cant hang around a player..." She says. How did she find out? Oh.... She saw me kiss Peta earlier today... Of course. "I understand..." I say looking to the ground. I slowly walk off. "But thank you..." She says. I turn around and she hugs me and kisses my cheek. She really is someone. Something about her is attracting me. Something about her is bringing me closer... I should take it slow for now on. I cant ruin this.

Luke's POV

What is Michael doing??? He's the biggest player out! Looking at them mad me a bit jealous. Before I met her, I was quiet, stubborn and a smartass. My ex girlfriend broke me, she cheated multiple times behind my back and she was good at hiding it. Only way I found out was her 'fuck buddy' posted on Facebook, tagging her in it. It was a photo of them kissing. I swore that I would NEVER love again... But when I met willow, all that feeling went away and the feeling of love is beginning to come back to me. I know I've only just met her but... She's special. I need to take it slow. I can't mess this up.

Calum's POV

Luke whispers something into my ear. I nod. Luke's right. What is Michael doing??? I'm confused. He would never do something like that, he would just play around with girls feelings and take advantage of them... I don't get it. I guess this girls is special. I need to find out what's so special about her. She's coming over Ashton's now and there's my chance. I see Michael and willow hugging in the corner and then she comes towards us. She's still crying. I guess lark broke her. I don't know?

Ashton's POV

Michael hugs her. I'm so out of my depth. Michael never does this stuff. She's beautiful and I love her laugh and her smile and I'm glad that she's my partner for the rest of the year. I'm so excited to get to know her! I already know that she can write and do maths. I can tell that she a top grade student. She's really smart. So maybe Michael can see a real wonderful girl. Maybe willow is changing him? I don't know. I really care about her, she's an amazingly nice girl. Shes coming over mine now so I'm sure we can take her mind off lark for now...

Willows POV

I'm so worried about lark. I'm such an idiot. Why would I say that... why? He could've done anything when he left. I pick up my phone and text him 'larky? Are you okay? I'm so sorry, I'm such an idiot for saying for what I said. I realised that that's what bestfriends do... I'm sorry larky, please come back to me...' I send it. Ash places his hand on my shoulder. "Everything will be okay will," he says. "Now let's go to my house," he says smiling. I give him a fake smile and follow the boys to Ashton's house.


Ashton's holds my hand and pulls me into the basement. It's full of guitars and other instruments. There was a drum kit in the middle. Luke and Michael grab a electric guitar each and Ashton sit at the drum kit while Calum picks up the bass. "Willow, us four guys have formed a band about 2 years ago, we are called 5 seconds of summer," Ashton explains. I nod. I've never heard of these guys before but I'm sure that I will enjoy their music. They start to play a song that I recognise. American idiot by green day?! My most favourite band in the world?! I loooove this song. I sing along with the lyrics and dance around the room. ashton, Michael and Calum smile widely and luke gives me a half smile. They finish the song and I'm speechless. "You guys are AMAZING!!!" I yell jumping into ashs arms. They laugh and hug me except Luke. He gives me a fake smile and a smirk and goes back to his guitar. Hmm.... I check my phone. No messages from lark :\ I decided to call him. I dial his number and hold the phone to my ear. He doesn't answer. He always answers his phone... But he dosent. I'm worried. "I should be getting back," I say to the boys. They nod and they give me a bear hug. At least luke joined in this time. I grab my bag. "Bye guys!!!" I yell. "Bye pillow!" They all jinxed.

Larks POV

I wake up and check the time, 5:00pm. I groan and checked willows room. Shes not home yet. I start to go a bit worried. She's proberbly with her boyfriends. I check my phone. I have one message from willow. 'Larky? Are you okay? I'm so sorry larky, I should have said what I said. I realised that that's what bestfriends do... I'm sorry lark, please come back to me.' She sent that 3 hours ago and she's still not home. She shouldn't be sorry. I just can't tell her that I'm jealous and that I love her! That's just being selfish... And we can't be together, she's my bestfriend... My phone rings, it's willow but I just smack my phone on the table. Her dad's getting home soon. I walk into the bathroom and grab a razor from the draw and cut her name into my arm... It hurts, the pain is amazing! I walk into my room and lay on my bed crying. I'm scared...

Willows POV

I grab my house key and unlock the door. I hope Larks here. I walk to the living room and I see 4 beer bottles on the ground. "Lark!!!" I yell. No answer.. I storm into the bathroom and I see a razor with blood on the floor. I panic and run to his room. I Stand at his door and listen... I hear sobbing. I open the door quietly and see lark curled up on his bed. He clasps his wrist and tears run down my cheeks. I walk over to him. "Larky...?" I whisper. He doesn't answer. I sit on the bed and pull his arm. The blood on his wrist have dried and I run my finger over the cuts. He looks at me with fear. "I'm sorry willow..." He whispered. I put my hand on his cheek and stroke it softly. Tears drop into his wrist. I hold his hand and lift his arm towards my mouth. I gently kiss his cuts. I kiss every single one of them until he stopped crying. He does. "Larky, I'm so sorry, I'm such an idiot." I say. He shakes his head. "Willow, it's not your fault... It's mine, I shouldn't be so overprotective over you. I want you to live your own life..." He said. He sits up and cups my head with his hands... And leans in... He's going to kiss me??? I'm confused. I do the same without noticing but then stops. He does too. This is awkward. He kisses my forehead softly instead. I sit still. I swear he was going to kiss me. He giggles. "What?" I say confused. "You thought I was going to kiss you." He says poking me. "Yeah I did," I say laughing. Then we both fall in silence. I look at his wrist again. The cuts resemble something. My eyes widen. 'Willow ❤️' is engraved into his arm. I stare at it and smile. I kiss his scars once again. "Never again..." I say. He nods. "Never..." He whispers. He lays down in bed and pulls the blanket over him. I begin to leave but he grabs my arm. "Stay...?" He asks. "Of course," I whisper. I climb into bed and he cuddles me. I face him and bury my head into his chest. He smells so good. He kisses me on the head. "I love you larky," I say jokingly. "I love you too pillow..." He says before dosing off... "My pillow..." He whispers holding me tighter. I wonder what he means... By 'my pillow...' Hmm.. I finally fall asleep...

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