Harry Potter - Truth Or Dare: When A Children's Game Becomes Dangerous

A dark young witch wants to have some fun. Therefore she 'invited' some wizards and witches over to play a game of Truth or Dare. How many dark secrets are going to be revealed? How many dark secrets are going to be made?


21. Day Twenty (Ron attempting to torture Hermione/Ginny) by @Genevieve722

Day Twenty (Ron attempting to torture Hermione/Ginny) by @Genevieve722


I woke up, trying to find Ariana. Instead of my white and brown owl, a beautiful snow owl sat on my cabinet and looked at me.
"Good morning sister. It's been a while. I got the both of us a new owl, I called her Snow. She'll be getting your letters now.", Ariana welcomed me. 
"Welcome back, Ari.", I replied, hoping she wouldn't notice my doubts. 
"Oh Scarlett. You never learn, do you? I can feel your feelings and know, whenever you try to hide them.", she explained frankly and her light blue eyes followed my every move. 
"Do you want to integrate me on this and we'll do it together?", she asked me and held up a letter. 
However, it didn't feel like she really gave me a choice. I agreed on her taking part in the game and ripped the envelope open. However, she snapped the letter and read it through. 
"You'll like this one.", she summed it up and handed it back. 
Carefully I read it through and agreed. I did like it. Together we entered the common room and Snape stared at us. 
"You have friends?", he wanted to know. 
"No, we're twins.", Ariana explained. 
We probably didn't look alike at all. She had straight blond hair and light blue eyes, as cold as winter in Canada. Dark curly hair and crimson red eyes were my trademark. The only thing we had in common was our petite stature. Ariana definitely came after our mother. 

She had been a blonde Beauxbatons student and our Dad's favorite, until Ariana had killed her. 

"Twins?", Snape asked surprised and interrupted my train of thought. 

Ariana nodded and I rushed towards the kitchen. 
"Shall I, shall I wake him up?", she asked me and stressed the word him. 
It had been a year and she still treated me the same. Pretended, I wasn't as smart as her and had to explain everything. She should never forget, who rescued her from being a bloody owl for the rest of her life. I nodded and turned towards the fridge. Hopefully, she knew who Ron was. In fact, she did know and brought him to me in the kitchen. 
"Now get Umbridge please.", I advised my sister and she disapparated. 
"Ron, we have a special dare for you today. You will need a wand for this, however, I jinxed it, so it will only cast one spell and you can neither attack me, nor Ariana or anybody else.", I explained to him, before I handed him the wand. 
His pale face had become even paler, as we had told him about the dare. He would have to attempt to torture them, until he actually did. He did a great job in hiding his wand and surprisingly nobody had asked for the daily dare. They probably already assumed it was a secret one and tried finding out what it was. It wasn't until noon, when Ariana returned with Umbridge and Ron finally hurt Hermione. I had just started preparing lunch, as her screams were to be heard. Her face had been twisted in agony and she twitched on the floor, while Ron sat in an armchair, not showing any emotion. However, he stopped soon and threw the wand away, running towards her. 
"Accio wand," I mumbled and caught the wand, "as most of you probably know now, today's dare was for Ron. @Genevieve722 dared him, to attempt to Cruciatus either Hermione or Ginny. I added the aspect of success, which means, he had to continue until he actually casted the spell. Whatsoever, @Genevieve722 would like to greet you by telling you Ron, that you treat them badly and insult your sister and girlfriend constantly. If I were her, I would have forced them to Cruciatus you but oh well, it's not my choice, is it?"
Hermione teared up and pushed Ron away. He did as pleased and left for his armchair again. Ariana laughed and obviously enjoyed the whole situation. She had always been sadistic, it's probably in our genes.

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