Harry Potter - Truth Or Dare: When A Children's Game Becomes Dangerous

A dark young witch wants to have some fun. Therefore she 'invited' some wizards and witches over to play a game of Truth or Dare. How many dark secrets are going to be revealed? How many dark secrets are going to be made?


10. Day Nine (Fred & George vs. Percy) by @TheWeasleyTwinsAreAce

Day Nine (Fred & George vs. Percy) by @TheWeasleyTwinsAreAce


Ariana shrieked and I opened the window for her. 
"Have you gained weight?", I asked her jokingly, as she normally fit through the tilted window. 
She bit my hand and blood dropped to my feet. 
"Ow.", I exclaimed and sucked the blood. 
However, I knew better than to leave Ariana upset, so I gave her some extra treats and quickly grabbed the letter. Luckily, I had read up on dark magic and was now able to hover instead of walk. Well, more or less. I couldn't control this power properly, so I bumped against the wall now and then. As my whole concentration went towards the letter, I bumped into the magically concealed door, separating me from my victims. 
"A dangerous prank, eh?", I asked myself. 
It didn't take me too long, to find something amusing. I hovered into their common room and luckily met Fred sitting on the couch. 
"Fred, good to see you.", I sighed relieved, "Wake up George and come here again."
He immediately did as pleased and I cast some magic spells towards the kitchen, making the breakfast prepare itself. 
"What's this all about?", George wanted to know, yawning heavily. 
"Another new director has joined. @TheWeasleyTwinsAreAce wants the two of you to play a dangerous prank on Percy for being a ministry-loving git", I explained and told them all about my plan. 
At first they hesitated, as they didn't want to harm their brother seriously, nevertheless, they soon worked on the prank, making it worse. 
"Good morning.", I greeted the rest of them, as the three of us entered the kitchen. 
They had already finished breakfast, so the twins ate the leftovers. 
"Percy, Fred and George are dared to brew a love potion together.", I broke it down to them, "However, the twins already fetched the ingredients, as Percy Wercy had still been asleep. Which means, Percy will have to brew it."
Percy did as he was told and used the ingredients and the cauldron, the twins had fetched for him. Few hours later, the cauldron exploded. 
"What's that about, Percy?", I shouted at him, "You got love potion all over my walls and the cauldron destroyed my chandelier. Fred, George would you please gather some of the love potion and make Percy drink it? If it doesn't work, you'll start over again."
While the twins tried getting some potion into a small flask, I repaired the chandelier. Percy looked at me in despair but fulfilled his orders by drinking the potion. 
"You have the most beautiful eyes, I've ever seen.", he suddenly mumbled, "Crimson has always been one of my favorite colors."
So that's what the twins thought worse than a cauldron exploding in your face. Falling in love with Lord Voldemort. Smart move, not only would Lord Voldemort try hurting him, but also Bellatrix. Slowly, Percy walked towards his newly found love and continued complimenting him. Bellatrix hastily intervened, by standing between Percy and Lord Voldemort. Percy being to lovey dovey, to accept her, ran at her but was thrown backwards. He flew very high and got stuck in my chandelier. 
"Reminds me of Neville.", Ron said and chuckled, George and Fred joined in. 
Whatsoever, it would be boring if Percy hung up there all the time, so I helped him down. Bellatrix and Percy now continued trying to hurt each other, as Fred walked up to me. 
"How long is this going to last?", he whispered in my ear. 
"Until midnight.", I replied and laughed, before entering the kitchen. 
My heart jumped, as I heard a loud noise, sounding like a body falling to the floor. Hurriedly, I rushed back to the fighting scenery. Percy lay on the floor, not moving anymore. 
"Bellatrix, explain!", I yelled, before I could realize, she was lying on the floor motionless too. 
"Percy made Bellatrix fade out by making your chandelier fall on her. You-know-who knocked Percy out, by giving him a current shock. He's not completely useless without his wand, he used the electricity of the cables now dangling loosely from the ceilings.", Narcissa explained and grinned. 
I sighed heavily, flicked my wand mumbled 'Reparo' and the chandelier repaired itself. 


I'm sorry @TheWeasleyTwinsAreAce it's not that good..hope you enjoy it anyways ♥.

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