Harry Potter - Truth Or Dare: When A Children's Game Becomes Dangerous

A dark young witch wants to have some fun. Therefore she 'invited' some wizards and witches over to play a game of Truth or Dare. How many dark secrets are going to be revealed? How many dark secrets are going to be made?


12. Day Eleven (muggle activities) by @I so go to Hogwarts

Day Eleven (muggle activities) by @I so go to Hogwarts


I woke up, still laughing and shuddering at Lord Voldemort's dance. Ariana had already dropped the letter and sat on my cabinet. Carefully, I exchanged the letter for some owl treats and rushed out of my bedroom, down the stairs and right into the common room. Nobody awaited me today, so I got right into the cooking. They'd get a variety of eggs today and baked beans of course. While the egg fried and the beans cooked, I ripped the letter open. How should I make them do that? After I had read through the whole letter, an idea came to my mind. 

"Good Morning, Scary.", Bellatrix greeted me, as she entered the kitchen. 

"Good Morning, Mrs. Riddle.", I replied and knew her cheeks went red immediately. 

As usual, we gathered together after breakfast and I unfolded the letter again. 

"Today, the lovely @I so go to Hogwarts, dares all of you, to form a Muggle thing. Don't worry, you don't have to guess, I have already chosen something. I'd like all of you, to make bowling pins, which look like this," I announced and made a bowling pin appear, "got it? Anyways, everybody, who does it wrong, will have to drink one of these flacons and see what happens."

They looked at me and the flacons in turns, then at the pin and got to work. Some of them had an odd choice of material, who would nowadays make their pins out of wood. However, Ron didn't do too bad, so it had obviously been a good choice. Bellatrix didn't even try, so I made her drink one of the potions. She chose the one in the red flacon, I had thought she's take the one on the black bottle. 

"Draco, have I ever told you, that you're the most handsome guy, I have ever met?", Bellatrix asked and reached out for her nephew's face. 

"Now we know, which love potion Bellatrix received. In each bottle is another love potion, so you better do your work properly.", I advised them and they nodded vividly. 

Snape had at least tried to do a proper pin but it looked more like a bottle, so he had to chose one. He grabbed the black bottle and my eyes widened in excitement. I may have forgotten, which color I dedicated to most of the others but I knew for sure, who that was. 

"Dark Lord, there's something I have to tell you. It can't wait anymore. I never married because I don't feel towards women, the way I feel towards you.", he presented his feelings and everybody, apart from Lord Voldemort and Draco laughed. 

Lord Voldemort, who wasn't at all pleased with his lover and Draco, who tries fleeing from his aunt.  Pansy glared at Bellatrix, while Narcissa sobbed desperately. She hadn't managed to produce a pin. 

"Choose a color.", I advised her and she chose yellow, Lucius chose green. 

Lucius started flirting with Luna, whereas Narcissa chased Neville. 

"Okay! That's enough now, sit down.", I yelled at them, after the rest had successfully produced their pins. 

"We're going to have a game of bowling now, which means, all of you will be in your manufactured pins. Apart from the ones, who failed, of course, they'll receive some from me. I'll shrink you and make you wear your pins kind of like costumes.  @I so go to Hogwarts thought this might be fun and so do I. You're only 18 participants, so I'll have two games with each 9 pins. I'll separate the lovey birds, so they won't run around. Now are you ready? It doesn't change anything anyways, so let's start.", I told them and made them shrink into their pins.  I placed Dumbledore, Blaise, Neville, Luna, Bellatrix, Snape, Pansy, Ron and Hermione in the first box, the others in the second.  The first group took me ages, I had decided to stop, as soon as I got a strike. However, they always fled in the beginning. Sadly, not every day was this funny. 

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