The main character is an intergalactic charter merchant that travels from planet to planet, but rarely travels to the same planet twice. Pan actually has nothing to do with Peter Pan, Pan the greek god is why I named the main character it. He is a sort of alien elf. Hope you enjoy it!


2. Chapter two

    The platform lowered me into the airlock, the spiral port closing above me. I hear the air hiss back into the room and quickly punched in the combination to open the sealed door. The seal released and the door slid open. I rarely ever felt safe. But here, in the soft purple glow and the efficiency of everything, nothing screamed at me to do something. Nothing tried to kill me. Nothing needed me to do much of anything. Except for the galaxies I’ve been to. They search for me day and night. They have a price set on me. Sometimes in particularly peaceful, or cruel, planets, they ask for me alive. Well, at least I can feel partially safe. I walked to the center of the spacious room, towards the main computer. I just call it the main computer, it is actually a highly sophisticated searching, locating, and archiving machine with a plasma projection for a screen. As I mentioned before, I made my own exoskeleton. That is because I come from a planet with a unique atmosphere. I wear a weaponized suit to protect my health, in many different ways. Now, back to those upgrades. I placed both of the drones on plasma hover pads generated by my computer. The computer sent micro-bots in to look at the insides, how it worked. Meanwhile, the computer scanned it to get a general diagnostic. I let my visor deactivate. Thats right, my visor, protecting my face. I had to breathe a special air, from my suit. I didn’t gag, fall, dead, or choke, if that’s what you’re thinking. You remember a second ago when I was talking about how I built my base, and how I built my suit? Well I did the same thing with my base as with my suit, I have air filters all around on the walls and ceiling of my base. Unless someone absolutely destroys my roof, the only air that gets in here is the filtered air that I can breathe. Oh, yes. I opened my visor to look at the readings better, the detectors, and everything else, were still operating! I staggered back until my Artificial Intelligence Companion Engine started talking.


¨What is it AICE?¨

¨Sir, the nanobots have finished their rounds of detection.¨


¨Sir,¨ AICE emitted a robotic sigh,¨the energy signals are out.¨

I sat there, confused.

¨Wait, what?¨

¨Look at the readings sir.¨

    The readings were absolutely phenomenal.

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