The Game Of Ganta

The Game of Ganta, a great machine that consists of a huge world hard drive. The Government is working on it in a big, they say when it's ready to use, the kids can play on it. It's almost like travelling machine, it will take you out of this world and into another. Sam and Grace want to know more about it, so they end up sneaking into the building, finding the great machine on the top floor. It isn't working right, but the kids don't know that. Once they try on the helmets and slip into the body booths, they are both swept out of their minds and into characters that are customized to the first players of the machine. Both are separated from each other. Sam must find Grace before the game wipes them out and they wont be able to return to their human bodies.


1. The Tower

Sam watched as the clock strike 9:00, he would watch the workers dressed in white head to work. Into the big tower they went, never to be seen in a few hours time. He watched as they talked to each other, talking about something. He wondered what there was to talk about, their boss was horrible to them, he had seen for himself when he had an argument with one of the workers. He was also his father. Every night he would come home late, flustered because he'd have a disagreement with one of the workers. His mother wouldn't do much about it, but say, "no harm done to the worker though my dear?" He was afraid to talk to his father those nights, last time he did he almost got a black eye. But on the morning he wasn't as bad, that's why Sam had to cherish those hours with his father before all hell broke loose. His friend Grace had told him that his father should really get over himself, that it's shameful to come home and throw all the anger on the family. But it was easy for her to say, she didn't have a career on her shoulders. Sam altogether loved his father, he knew his father loved him back... Only when he got what he wanted. Sam smirked to himself, he could see his father yelling at all the workers to hurry up as they tried to stop and have chats. "We need this machine working by the end of this year!" He would always hear his father scream out. He wanted to sneak in their and look at it. He knew that he could go in there because he was the bosses son, he could just use an excuse that he wanted to meet his father. But Grace said that she wanted to see it to, and he promised he would take her with him. So even if the best chances to get in there were open, but she wasn't there meant that he couldn't take it. His phone rang, quickly he answered it. "Where are you, I thought i told you to meet at the town square?" he heard Grace's irritated voice. "Yeah, i am, i'm in the tree... I can see you from here!"

"What the hell are you doing in a tree, there are loads around here, come down now!"

Sam landed with a thud, he was still crouching, spotting Grace near the water fountain. He joined her, "i was watching my father bully the workers". 

"You find that funny?"

"Of course not, stop asking stupid question!"

grace folded her arms, "or where you trying to find a way in without me?"

"You always think of negative things to say that's why -!" Sam stopped himself, that's why she had no friends. But to his relief Grace hadn't notice his quick cut off. "Well i guess we could try and find a way in, i'm aching to see the new machine that he's built". Sam followed her over to the big gates that were now closed. "You know, my mother tried to get a job in there, but it was so hard, because you had to be really good at mechanics though". Sam yawned, he didn't sleep well because he knew that Grace wanted to sneak in with him. "Well since my father works here i think we'll be able to get in though". Sam said as examined the huge gates, he could see two guards walking around. "I'll just have to persuade them". He grabbed Grace by the arm and pulled her along, Grace tugged, "what are you doing, they're going to get mad at us!"

"Do you want to see the machine?"

"Of course i do, but now isn't the right time".

Every day isn't the right time for you ,we'll never see it!"

They had reached the gated, alerting the guards, "who are you two?" One of them said, as they walked up to the gates, "you have no business here, now run along". Sam cleared his throat, "i do, my father works her, he's the boss that works there". Sam saw the two guards talking to each other, their eyes flicked over to him. "The man you're talking about doesn't have a son". Sam stared at them, "how can you say that, of course he as a son, doesn't he talk about me?"

"No, he never say anything nice".

Sam looked away, he could feel a warm hand touch his shoulder, aware that Grace had touched him. "It's okay, we can come back another time if you want" she said, but Sam pushed her away, "well then tell him that his son came to see him, see if he reacts to that!" He sprinted off.

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