The Game Of Ganta

The Game of Ganta, a great machine that consists of a huge world hard drive. The Government is working on it in a big, they say when it's ready to use, the kids can play on it. It's almost like travelling machine, it will take you out of this world and into another. Sam and Grace want to know more about it, so they end up sneaking into the building, finding the great machine on the top floor. It isn't working right, but the kids don't know that. Once they try on the helmets and slip into the body booths, they are both swept out of their minds and into characters that are customized to the first players of the machine. Both are separated from each other. Sam must find Grace before the game wipes them out and they wont be able to return to their human bodies.


3. Project Gant

Sam had remember that he hadn't told her where to meet, but he hoped that she would come to the gate. Sam didn't talk to his father, he knew that his father feared having Sam in the work area because he might do something stupid. But Sam knew he wasn't like that. "So does the machine have a name?" Sam asked his father, who jumped a little in the seat when Sam suddenly spoke. "Uh... Yeah, she does".

"She, it's a girl?"

"You got a problem with that... Her name's Ganta".

Sam smirked, "why such a name, it sounds weird". His father sighed, "i agree, I didn't want that name, but that time, names weren't that important and we were in a hurry, so in the end we ended up calling her Ganta, short and sweet, at least everyone could remember her". Sam knew this was hard work so he didn't laugh anymore, it was time to be serious. They stopped at the gates, his father had taken out his badge and showed it to the guards. They were now driving into the car park inside. "Alright, when we go in i don't want you to stray, even if you want to talk to the workers, don't because they're working". Sam knew this, but he pretended he was listening. He looked around to see if Grace was anywhere, she must be hidden. He just hoped that she would get passed the guards. He followed his father into the building, the reception was amazingly big, people bustled around, papers in their hands, not one of them walked without their hands full of paperwork of machinery. He watched as workers stopped to talk, it almost looked like school, you would head to your next class, but stop to chat with some friends along the way. "Sam, come on, hurry up". His father was already at the lifts. Sam was about to move when he felt a strong hand grab his arm, eh turned to see Grace, all puffed out, "why didn't you wait for me?"

"I couldn't, i hadn't told dad about you coming because i know what his answer would be!" Sam said, but he was excited, he saw his dad eyeing Grace off. "Come on, we have to get going". Sam pulled Grace along with him and into the lift. It was a moment of silence as the three were in the lift, until Grace spoke up, "I'm sorry sir, i thought Sam had told you about me coming, because we promised to go and see the something together". His father crossed his arms and looked at Sam who had avoided his eyes. "Is that so, and what is it that you want to see together, Ganta?" Sam had nodded, "we're so fascinated about it... I mean it wouldn't hurt to see it, who knows it might fail for all we know". His father laughed, for the first time Sam had hear him laugh though, he too smiled. It took a while until the lift had stopped at the top floor, "okay then, if you really want to see it, then here's your chance". Sam and Grace burst out of the lift and into a huge room, there before them was a huge machine, it almost touching the ceiling. The ceiling itself was quiet high as well, that's what amazed Sam. "I understand why it took so many years to complete, it's massive!" Sam had said to his father, who joined his side, "yeah, we had to make sure that we had to right things, because one wrong move and this machine would be over". Voices were heard on the other side of the machine, San's father yelled out, "Hey, Rope, Caster, Melanie, we have some visitors!" Three people dressed in white came around, "Oh, who are they... Are they your kids!?" Sam looked at him father, wondering if he would answer that, "this one is, the other's just a friend, my son's name is Sam and this is his friend Grace". Both kids smiled at the three adults before them. "Melanie, would you like to give them a tour on the machine?" The third removed the mask, revealing long brown hair and rosy cheeks. "Sure, i would love to show off our work". Sam watched as his father walked off with the two other adults, Melanie was in charge now. "Alright then, what would you like to know about this machine darling?" She said with a sweet voice. "I'd like to know how it works" he said, she nodded and motioned them to follow. She led them around the machine to the other side, revealing two huge boxes as big as adults, "these here are called body boxes, the maximum amount of players is two so far, we are trying to fit more body boxes on here, because we want all the kids to have a try. You just press this button and it'll open up". She pointed at the red button that was on the box. "What happens when you're in the box?" Grace asked. "There's a helmet inside, in which you strap onto your head, there will be probes that'll be placed on your head, but don't worry it wont affect your hair or your brain... The brain whatsoever, the machine needs it to place you into the game, you will create your character, not with your hands, but with your mind and then it's like a mind control game". Sam was impressed, it sounded good, he really wanted to try it. Melanie continued, "but we haven't tried to play the thing because once you start playing you can't stop until you've reached the end, and we have no clue how long the game will be". She turned to the screen and pressed a button, revealing a blur face, almost like an x-ray effect. "This here is Ganta, she controls the machine, but some information id classified to us, and we don't know why, some mechanics are trying to change her a little, but it's taken a little time to". Sam watched the figure on the screen. "Hello my name is Ganta, you must be Sam?"

"How did you know my name?"

"I heard your farther say it, i am everywhere".

Sam laughed, it was cool, but for some reason it freaked him out a little. "Yes, we know Ganta, but anyway, we can head out and i can show you to the cafeteria if you want something to eat - ". All of a sudden an alarm went off, it rung through Sam's ears, causing him to cover them. Ganta was speaking, "we have a leak, we have a leak, down on floor six, must be attended!" Melanie stayed calm, "okay, we've had this before Sam and Grace, i prefer you to stay up here, you wont be hurt, but whatever you do don't - " There was a huge crashing sound from below. Melanie had rushed off, leaving the kids. "What do we do, do we hide or something?" Grace said, the alarm was still going, Sam was getting a head ache. "I can't stand the noise, i think i'm going to get a head ache!" He yelled, he saw Ganta reappear on the screen, "if you can't stand the noise, get into the body box, it will help block out the noise". Sam knew it was a bad idea, but his head was pounding, quickly he pressed the button, watching as the body box's door opened, "get into the other one Grace!" He yelled, she did as she was told, once the door was closed the noise was gone. Ganta was right, the noise had died down, Sam's head was throbbing but it started to go down. "Sam... Sam are you there, answer me!" He could hear a voice, it sounded like it was coming through a speaker, it was Grace. "Sam, there's a mic on your helmet, use it to talk to me". Sam felt about, it was pitch black inside, he was afraid, he found the helmet, he spoke into the mic. "Can you hear me Grace, I've got the helmet's mic".

"Oh thank god, i don't know when the alarm is going to go off now".

Sam felt so comfortable, he wanted to sleep. But then Grace spoke up again, "Sam, can you see that?"

"See what, it's pitch dark in here!"

"There's a screen... Put your helmet on!"

"Grace take it off, you're going to get in trouble!" Sam said, but he put the helmet on and sure enough he saw a screen, it showed options, he could hear another voice, this wasn't Graces. "Welcome, first players of the game". Sam knew this wasn't good, he tried to get the helmet off, screaming out Graces name, she too was trying to get the helmet off. "I can't get it off, we are so screwed, the thing isn't working properly i don't think". She said, the helmet seem glued to their heads. The voice spoke again, "you cannot go out of the game, the game will be starting in three seconds". Sam knew he had no choice, as much as he was excited he was scared as well. Melanie had said that they weren't sure how long the game would be. The machine started the count down until it reached one. Another screen popped up, showing a selection, at the top it said create your character. Sam created a warrior, he looked exactly like himself, but with a suit. He wasn't sure what he would be fighting, hopefully nothing too hard to kill.

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