The Game Of Ganta

The Game of Ganta, a great machine that consists of a huge world hard drive. The Government is working on it in a big, they say when it's ready to use, the kids can play on it. It's almost like travelling machine, it will take you out of this world and into another. Sam and Grace want to know more about it, so they end up sneaking into the building, finding the great machine on the top floor. It isn't working right, but the kids don't know that. Once they try on the helmets and slip into the body booths, they are both swept out of their minds and into characters that are customized to the first players of the machine. Both are separated from each other. Sam must find Grace before the game wipes them out and they wont be able to return to their human bodies.


2. Father And Son

Sam's heart was racing when he heard his father's car stop outside, his mother was trying to finish dinner. Sam wondered if his message reached his father at all. The front door opened and in came his father, all flustered than before. "Where is he!?" He heard his father yell, Sam did not say a word, his father unaware that he was trying to hide. His mother had come out of the kitchen, confused at his anger. "Sam? What did he do now?" His father threw the bag on the chair, "apparently he came to one of the guards and he tried to get in". Sam knew that was all crap, he sent a message for the guards. Sam stood up, catching his parent's attention, "you, how dare you talk to the guards, let alone think that you can go inside!" He approached Sam, raising his hand, but his mother had caught him. "Mark, that's enough, i have had enough of you!" Sam was surprised to hear his mother finally speak up, even his father was stiff. "You come home every night like this and it gives me the shits, i know your work is hard job but it can't be hard to shrug it off afterwards and and not throw it onto your family as if we're your workers!" She was flustered now, her dark locks were everywhere, she looked like father now. He just stared at her, "now then, since all you do is shout at all the workers, you can bring your son in tomorrow, i don't know what all the fuss is about that machine!" She flicked her hair out of her face and left to go back into the kitchen, Sam was left with his father. He didn't want to speak to him, he didn't deserve to have a family if he acts like this. he turned and ran, into his room and waited until his mother was ready with dinner. 

It was quiet when everyone had gathered to eat, his mother was constantly trying to fix her hair after she had that burst of anger towards his father. Sam could see that his father was trying to get eye contact with him. Sam found it just plain awkward. He didn't want to stay at the table, so when he was finished, he washed his plate and went up stairs to phone Grace. A couple of rings and then Grace's voice was heard, "Hi this is Grace Devenpoint how can i help?"

"Grace, it's me Sam, i'm going to go into the building whether you're coming or not!"

"What, that's no fair if i'm not coming, you can't go!"

"I can't refuse, mom said i was going to go with him to work, so you can come with me if you want".

"okay i'll come, but that was uncalled for Sam!"

Sam hung up with a smile on his face. This was his chance to see the great machine. But for now he'd have to try and get some sleep.

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