Curtain Seller ll One Direction Fanfiction

''What type of curtain are you looking for?''


2. The thoughts, the room, and the frappe.

Chapter 2

The Thoughts, the room, and the frappe.

Knowing myself, I was just curious why the blonde guy was there too, but the question is, why did he kick me out of the store, he didn't look like he was an designer or constructor, because he didn't have the construction uniform for safety, or he didn't look like an employee, because, first, he didn't have a uniform. (Yeah, I strictly think that employees should have uniform). Maybe he is the owner's kid.... yeah, he seems like he is.

The rest of the day I stayed in my room and I was just scrolling and watching videos on the laptop, sometimes I would see band merch I would shop, but, I don't have enough money to buy. I'm a poor girl. I cry. Well, i'm not poor, but, I just buy unnecessary things, for example:

-Hey, how much for the rubber smiling cookie? 10 dollars?!? I'm taking three.

And then, I never use that thing again. All ends up in the closet.


Today's another day. I woke up at 8:00 am, knowing that today, I would go to school. But, shit, I woke up so late. I have to go at 8:30 so I can get to school at 9:00. So I stood up from my bed, grabbed my uniform, and put it on. Basically my uniform is a white polo shirt, black vest and sweater, a red skirt, black tights, black shoes. So I changed my clothes, I made a ponytail, and rushed downstairs. I just drank a milkshake, brushed my teeth, and opened the door. "BYE MOM!! BYE DAD!!" I runned down the street, and I mysteriously fell down, with some type of chocolate milkshake, I don't know.

''Hey!! Look where you are walking idiot!!'' And I saw the same blonde guy I saw on the curtain shop. I stood up and said "Hey, don't call me idiot! You are the idiot! You spilt chocolate milkshake on my uniform!!" He rolled his eyes and said: "It's a frappe. Haven't you been on a Starbucks in your life?" And he showed me the empty bottle. "Oh, and you owe me 5.45 dollars." He said with a sassy tone. "How about no." And I runned away. I thought -They see me rollin' they hatin'- 


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