Curtain Seller ll One Direction Fanfiction

''What type of curtain are you looking for?''


1. The Shop

Chapter 1

The Shop


I walked slowly through the long curtains. It seemed that this place hasn't been touched in years, you could see the curtains dusty. The place was big, it's walls were light yellow, and the floor was made of white marble. With a little clean and some touches, the room would see really good.

I felt someone touched my shoulder. ''Um, excuse me.'' I turned around to see a medium-tall guy with blonde hair and blue eyes, somewhat of my age. ''You are not supposed to be here. This room is going to be re-constructed today. This is an extricted area.'' He told me with a some-what of coldness. Trying to think about what was I going to say, I said. "Oh, I really didn't know, I was just curious what was here inside.'' ''Uh-huh, yea, go away before I call the police for trasspasing private area.'' Wow, sassy guy.

I went out of the shop behind the guy, and he said. ''I better not see you here again, okay?'' "Yeah, sure." I rolled my eyes. With our paths separated, I walked home. I was thinking for another way to pass in to the curtain shop, because I really wanted to explore there again. Feeling the dusty walls was great for me.


I went to a 7-Eleven for a drink, what, you thought was going to go to a Starbucks, for a expensive thing? Hell no. Too expensive for me. I bought an apple juice, It was very cheap, 2 dollars is a great price. On my way to home, I found a little puppy, but sadly, my mom doesn't let me to have one, so, I left the puppy. 

I was finally at home, but the principal door was closed. My house is really small, but comfy in a way. The wall color is baby blue, and I have a very tiny patio, some flowers, and the classical brown door.

''Where did you go?" My mom asked. "You know, exploring the neighborhood, and stuff like that." I said while eating a Frosted Flakes Bar. ''No, where did you go?" Enfatizing the where. ''Oh, I went to a Curtain Shop down the street, it is pretty cool." "Oh! That one! I heard they are opening again in the weekend." I stopped eating my bar. Wait, they are opening THIS WEEKEND?! So in 2 days.... "Thanks for the info mom!" I went upstairs, grabbed a pen and writed on the calendar:

Saturday, February 21. CURTAIN SHOP!c:



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