The Movellas Awards

I once was nominated for a Movellas award in another book and wanted to share the great feeling with others. I would like to recognize some really great books that I have read on this site and rank them for the Movellas world to see!


1. How It Works

   As you saw in the description, I am creating this book because I wanted to recognize some really great books that I have read on Movellas.  I once was nominated for an award for my story, "My Secret Power", and when I saw the notification on my homepage, I felt so good and had the idea to make my own Movellas Award book so others could feel the same way.  So here it is!  If you would like to participate in this, please follow the instructions below.


   Nominating Others:

   1. Find a story that you really like

   2. Look and see who wrote it

   3. Post a comment on this story that looks like this:  I would like to nominate @[ ____ ] for their story, " _____ ". 

   4. If it is not done this way, I may not be able to look at the story and give the author credit for it.

   Being Nominated:

   1. Someone follows the directions above and you should receive a notification for it, unless you have that setting turned off.

   2. I would appreciate it if you didn't nominate yourself; that isn't the point of this book.  Sorry!

   3. If you are nominated, please check this book regularly to see if you made the list.


   1. Almost every Friday is voting day.  Please do not vote before or after that day of the week. If the date is moved or cancelled, I will let you guys know.  This is another reason that you should check this story often.

   2. If you would like to vote, please post a comment that looks like this:  I vote for # _.

   3. You can vote for up to 3 stories.  If you would like to vote for more than one, please post your comment like this:  I vote for # _ and # _.  Or you could do: I vote for # _, #_, and # _.

   4. If not done properly, I may not be able to count your vote.

   5. In order to vote, you must like and favorite one of my stories for every vote you submit.


   1.  Mostly the award is getting to win something like this.  But, since you probably deserve a decent prize, you get a like and a favorite on all of your current books, I recommend your stories to 5 of my followers, and I post comments on your stories telling everyone that you won this competition.  Also, your name will be posted on my page, just so you can get a little more publicity ;)


Please note:  You can be nominated multiple times for any story, unless you have already won with that story.  So say you win with a story called, "The Ocean", you cannot be nominated with that story for this movella ever again (not to be harsh).  But if you have another story, it can be nominated even if it already has been before, as long as you didn't ever win with it.


Also, you can nominate on any day of the week except on Thursday and Friday.  So that's 4 days of the week that you can nominate or be nominated, unless I take off or add a day.


                                                    Let the nominations... begin!

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