My life as a fanfiction

this story i about a girl named Alexa (me) and her best friends Jasmine,,Kyndra,andMichayla. They meet four boys that will change there lives forever. There names are Calum,Luke,Michael,and Luke. Little do Alexa and her friends know they are 5sos.


1. The new guys

                                      Alexa's P.O.V 

        "Hey guys." I said as I sat down with my friends at lunch. I heard muffled heys. Then Jasmine spoke up. "Did you guys see the new boys? They are really hot!" "Says the girl who thinks every guy is cute." Kyndra replied. "Seriously they are really cute." Michayla said. I've seen them,too. They truly are hot. They came from Australia. I think they are in a band,but i'm not really sure. 

                    I haven't introduced myself. My name is Alexa Ball and i am 17. Michayla is older than me,but Kyndra and Jasmine are both younger than me. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have one brother named Austin and one sister named Bella and two half-sisters named Kayli and Zoey. Kayli and Zoey have a different mom then Austin,Bella,and I do. Kayli is the oldest out of all of us. My mom and dad are divorced and i live with my dad. He has custody of all of us. My two half-sisters mom's name is Jasmine. Ironic. She gave custody to my dad and now he has five kids to look over. My dad was in the army for 8 years and is now disabled. 




          A/N: How did you guys like this chapter? This is a reminder that this is based on my life except for the 5sos part. this is basically my life with a little twist to it so...... I hope you guys liked it. I will try to update sometime soon. Bye guys. Btw i might write another one tonight. 

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