I Hate You!!!


21. I hate you!

As Michael was lying on the couch I straddled him and started grinding. "Des...d..don't tease me." He moaned.

I could feel him hardening underneath me. I took off my T-shirt and threw it to the ground revealing my black sports bra still grinding onto him. Michael kept on groaning and moaning.

I was kissing his jawline to his neck sucking on his sweet spot. "Fuck Destiny do something.." He sat up smashing his lips to mine.

"Eager are we?" I smirked while taking off his shirt. I got up and took off my sweatpants leaving me in my underwear.

"God you're beautiful." He mumbled underneath his breath. I unzipped his tight black skinny jeans and tugged them down as he was stepping out of them.

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