I Hate You!!!


7. I hate you!

I walked back until I hit the wall, Michaels hands pressed against it. "Uh m..Michael w..what are you doing?" My breath was shaky.

"You really think I'm just mean to you?" His breath was hot against my face. "Uh.." I couldn't talk.

"You want to know why princess? I'm fucking jealous because Calum and Luke always put their hands all over you since day one." "I just want you for myself, you're just a fucking tease."

My eyes were wide. Did Michael really just tell me he has feelings for me? What the fuck.

He leaned in for my neck, his lips touching my soft skin. He began sucking on my sensitive skin leaving love bites making me moan. "I..h.h..hate you."

I could feel him smirking into my neck. My hands trailed to his pink hair tugging lightly. "M..Mikey the boys will be back anytime now."

"We're just going to have to hurry then." Michael smirked and we headed toward the couch.

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