I Hate You!!!


5. I hate you!

I watched Ashton leave the driveway while I was holding in tears. "Do you always have to be a baby when Ashton leaves?" Michael finally said not looking at me watching the screen.

I glared at him. "Do you always have to be a fucking dick to me?" Michael smirked and leaned back onto the couch.

"Hey seriously you mates really need to get along Ok?" Luke said walking into the kitchen. "Yeah like that's going to happen." Michael chuckled.

I walked into my room and shut the door collapsing on to the bed. I couldn't take Michaels rudeness any longer.

I saw the razors on my side table and removed all my bracelets revealing the scars I had previously done. I grabbed the razor and started cutting.


"Hey are you okay?" Calum said as he sat down next to me. "No I'm not I just miss Ashton." I lied. "It's okay."

Calum wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me closer to him, while I rested my head onto his shoulder. Michael walked in rolling his eyes.

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