natural disasters ➵ a.f.i.

Amy, Melanie, and Diana live a normal life. Fun, caring, loving best friends...

That's until they meet 4 life ruining boys


18. Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Three Words

Michael's POV

I strutted out onto the sidewalk for another nightly walk. I do this daily now. It's my time to think.

I had barley taken five steps before I heard sobbing nearby. I scanned the area and saw a muscular figure on the ground of the sidewalk, sobbing his eyes out.

"Ashton?" I quickened my pace and sat next to him. "W-what's wrong?"

He met my eyes and turned away, crying even harder.

"Ash!" I yelped. Something is really wrong here. Ashton rarely ever cries... "Did... Did Amy leave you or something?"

He gasped at the mention of her name and I jumped back in surprise. Why would she break up with him?!?

"Where is she?" I asked. That just made him cry harder. I pulled him into a comforting hug until his cries at least died down a bit. He turned to me and said three life changing words.

"They killed her." He choked and burst into tears again. I stared at the sky, then joined in Ashton's crying.

I don't know how or who killed her, but she's dead. Another friend that I love and care for dead...

"Michael?" I heard a happy voice call out. I looked up to see a group of overjoyed teenage girls. Ashton and I met eyes and stood up and began to run back to the stadium. Suddenly, there were screaming girls surrounding us.

I'm in no condition to do this right now!

The paparazzi showed up and started questioning us. A few questions caught my attention and made me extremely angry.

"Why did your friend kill herself?"
"Was Liam abusing Diana?"
"Are you ever going get back to your job and stop obsessing over that dead girl?"

The police finally showed up and escorted Ashton and I to their cars. Ashton and I were comforting each other and the police were so confused.

"You've gotten mobbed before, right?" One asked finally. I nodded at him as he continued to question us.

"What's wrong then?"

Ashton choked back more tears as I tried to explain it.

"Well... Apparently Ashton's girlfriend was killed..." I said and wiped away the new tears. "I don't know how or who, but Ashton isn't talking much."

"Ashton, we may be able to catch them if you tell us who did it." A police turned around in his seat looking frankly surprised and sorrowful.

"O-okay." He said and sniffled. "T-they came out of nowhere. They were all wearing black and had black cars... They... They shot her and then took her away." He said and started sobbing really hard. The passenger police started filing in reports and they sent police cars all around town.

Though, she's already gone...

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