natural disasters ➵ a.f.i.

Amy, Melanie, and Diana live a normal life. Fun, caring, loving best friends...

That's until they meet 4 life ruining boys


10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10


Amy's POV

After Ashton kissed me a few days ago, he had asked me out. I obviously said yes and now we were dating. He was keeping it a secret from the public but most of the small fanbase saw it and supported it. I mean, he holds my hand in public and everything.

"Hey, do you want to go play football?" Calum said as we hopped out of the tour bus. I felt light rain drops hit my shoulder as the boys all agreed. When is it not raining in England?

"Amy?" Ashton turned to me. "Do you want to play?"

"I don't know how." I shrugged. "I can watch."

"I'll teach you!" Calum exclaimed. Well of course. I get to embarrass myself in front of Calum, the guy that could be a professional if he had wanted to, but refused it for the band. (A/N : True if you didn't know)

"I guess." I muttered as all of them cheered.

"What about you, Melanie?" Calum said while turning to his lover.

"Fine." She muttered as they all cheered again.

"Yayy!" Luke exclaimed.

"Shut up Luke." Michael said.

"You're so mean to me." Luke pouted. "You know you love meeeee."

"Hell no." Michael snapped while grinning. Luke gave him a hug and Michael pushed him away jokingly as Luke pouted more.

Calum convinced a security guard to get a van and we all loaded into it. I suck at sports but maybe I'll like this.

We arrived at a nice glass building and walked inside to find a series of huge football fields. Ashton handed everyone a ball and they started practicing as Calum brought Melanie and I to the other side of the field. He taught us how to shoot first, saying it was the easiest. Then went on to a proper kick. This was much more complicated. You basically have to twist your foot inwards.

"How do you do this so easily?!" I complained to Calum.

"I've known how to do it for years. I've gotten used to it." He grinned like a bragging young child. Ugh. He really is a four year old sometimes.

"So I just kick it like this?" I said and attempted to kick it again. I suddenly felt a stabbing pain in my ankle and fell to the floor immediately. I yelped out in agony and rocked my foot in my arms, tears streaming down my face. The pain wasn't leaving...

I felt strong hands wrap around my shoulders and Ashton asking if I was okay.

What is happening?

Ashton's POV

"Are you okay Amy?" I asked again. She continued crying and cradling her foot in her arms.

"She twisted her foot wrong when she kicked." Calum said timidly. "I think she may have really injured it."

"Well let's bring her to a doctor!" I yelped and wrapped my arms around her. She pulled me into a slight hug and I helped her stand.

"Ouch." She muttered. She was still crying a bit but it wasn't as bad.

Michael pulled her arms around his head and helped her to hop on one foot to the car, me on the other side. The driver brought us to an urgent care and Michael and I again helped her out of the car. We walked inside and greeted a few fans before bringing her to a room where a doctor had several tools ready to figure out what was wrong.

"It may be broken." He said after running a few examinations on her foot. "I'm going to get some x-rays."

I sat around tapping my fingers nervously on a desk. What will happen if it is broken?

After a few minutes, the doctor came back alone with a clipboard and some x-ray papers. "It's broken." Is all he said before I buried my face in my hands.

Well this is just wonderful, isn't it?

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