How Can We?

Violet Higgs is a Slytherin girl, but she is not like other Slytherin girls who mucks about and has a crush Draco Malfoy. Indeed, she hates him, and Malfoy hates her too. But can one day they develop affection for each other? Or is something terrible going to happen when they are bot given a task to do together? BASED ON HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE.


3. The task

Today was the last day until Christmas Holidays was here. I couldn't suffer the pain of Tel crying because She had seen Terence kiss that Benden girl and Tel had a total meltdown now. Questora was suffering the pain too, but I could see that she was annoyed by Tel. We just sat there without any deals of happiness as we suffered our worst disease: The Disease of Unhappiness.

"Tel, can you please stop", said Questora.

But that didn't stop Tel, it just made her cry even more.

"Tel, you see crying doesn't help at all," I said.

"All you wanted to see was Terence be Happy and now you see him smile," said Questora.

"My place has been like hell ever since Terence started being my stupid brother,"

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