How Can We?

Violet Higgs is a Slytherin girl, but she is not like other Slytherin girls who mucks about and has a crush Draco Malfoy. Indeed, she hates him, and Malfoy hates her too. But can one day they develop affection for each other? Or is something terrible going to happen when they are bot given a task to do together? BASED ON HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE.


1. Fights

I walked to the owlery clutching a letter in my hand tightly, I attached the letter to my owl Caesar as it flew out the open window. I could hear footsteps coming to the owlrey, but what had I to worry about?

Suddenly, Malfoy walked in.

"Hey, brat!",he said.

"Who do you call that?", I asked angrily.

"Who else is here other than you,"he said smirking.

"Malfoy, I wanna play it cool but you are just making yourself go into my nerves!,"I spat.

"When do you ever play it cool?," Malfoy said giving me a evil grin.

"Look, Malfoy I can't tolerate this anymore, we've got to learn not to fight anymore," I said.

Malfoy gave a giggle and I gave him a death stare.

"This is not a romance story ist it, Higgs?," he sain chickling.

"Who even likes you other than the Pansy Parinkson girl, that girl, such a brat!,"I said.

Malfoy gave an evil laugh, which sounded like a terrible singing monster.

"You sound and look like a terrible monster,"I said giggling.

"Look Higgs, just because I like your brother doesn't mean I like you," said Malfoy gritting his teeth.

"And who says I like you, I have seen much better people then your pig-like face!,"I spat.

"Who'd ya call a pig,"said Malfoy.

Suddenly, there was footsteps coming to the owlery but Malfoy and I just were too busy fighting to actually care about it.

"You idiot, freak", I said.

"You are more of a dog!," yelled Malfoy.


"Terence, its your sister that's always blabbering about!,"said Malfoy.

"He always calls me a brat!,"I said.

"Stupid girl! I am so going to tell mother about your blabbering!," Terence yelled.

"IDIOT! I am not a 5 year old kid. I am 16 year old and I don't need to be bossed around by stupid Slytherin boys!," I yelled back.

"Who'd ya call idiot?,"asked Terence.

"Y-O-U SPELLS YOU!," I said.

"See, that's what I'm talking about, Terence, your sister is a chatterbox!," chuckled Malfoy.

"I know, she is a chatterbox! But, I don't get it why you guys fight so much!," spat Terence.

"Because MALFOY here thinks that he's my FATHER and bosses me around!," I said.

Terence gave a chuckle.

''Oh yeah. you think I'M BEING FUNNY,'' I said.

''You know what why don't we just cut this fight, you guys are being ridiculous!,''said Terence.

''Draco, you do what you came here to do and you Violet come with me,''said Terence.


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