beware the frozen heart

##frozen fanfic##


7. part 7

I spotted Elsa glancing secretly at Jack- and watched with a smile as she shuffled awkwardly to the side so that she was stood next to Jack, her hand working quickly to tidy her hair. "So, how do you propose we cross the river, Jack? It looks like a 50 foot drop." Elsa smiled, trying hard to make eye contact with the embarrassed but cute boy next to her. The same can not be said for his effort. Jack turned his head so that he was facing away from Elsa, and mumbled. "Well, uh.... I thought, maybe.... Umm.... Well, I was just thinking.... Maybe...." Without warning I snorted with laughter at the awkward situation- pressing my hands across my mouth in a desperate bid to stop laughing. Jack looked at me in horror, his eyes wide. "Sorry... I'm sorry." I gasped, laughing between my words. Elsa looked at me disapprovingly, but the glint in her eyes said that she was trying hard not to laugh too. Still unsuccessful in my bid to stop laughing, I turned away and stood there silently- shaking with concealed laughter. "Jack, come on- you can talk to me." I heard Elsa say, followed by the crunching of her footsteps. "I don't want things to be awkwar-" Elsa paused with a start, and I whipped around to see the pair of them kissing- Elsa's shocked expression changing into a look of happiness as Jack placed his hands on her hips. A squeal erupted from my mouth and I leaped into the air- my fists clenched in front of my body. The pair stopped kissing and drew away from each other subtly- both of them smiling through rosy red cheeks. Jack turned to the side and laughed quietly. "I'm sorry- Elsa. I didn't mean.... I don't know.." Elsa turned towards Jack and pulled him in- kissing him once again. "It's fine, frosty. It's okay." She smiled. Jack took Elsa's hand and they both turned to face me. "YES!" I yelled, punching the air. "JELSA IS HAPPENING!"

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