beware the frozen heart

##frozen fanfic##


6. part 6

Looking up at Elsa, I notice her eyes beginning to water before she reaches up and freezes the tears to create a scatter of snowflakes that tumble to the ground and settle on my winter boots. I tap my toes together for no reason- watching the snowflakes melt into the fur of my boots. "Are.... Are they buried in Axaria then? Mum and dad?" I mumbled, straightening my second cloak and glancing into the distance where the silhouette of Jack swaggered along- one hand in his pocket, and one hand stabbing his stick into the snow at every step. Elsa sniffs "I would expect so." She pauses and sighs. "If only they would have returned mum and dad to us when they arrived at Axaria..... I don't know why they wouldn't have- the news of my powers wouldn't have escaped back then, so they had no reason to hide..... It's my fault! It's my fault we never knew. It's my fault our brother or sister didn't grow up with their family! This is why I haven't been using my powers!.." Elsa wailed suddenly- slapping her forehead with her hand. "Hey! Elsa, where has this come from? You said yourself nobody knew of your powers back then, so how is it your fault?" I reasoned, placing my hand on Elsa's shoulder. Breathing out with I sigh- I myself wondered why our parents hadn't been retuned to Arendelle. I made a conclusion: "Elsa, I don't know why they didn't tell us sooner. But I do know it is in no way your fault." I paused for a moment- recalling everything Elsa had just said. "Elsa.... Why haven't you been using your powers?" I said- looking up at her. "You mentioned it back at the castle as well as just now. Why haven't you been using them? I thought you loved using your powers!" I babbled- more words and questions spilling out of my mouth than I meant to ask. To stop them, I slapped my hand over my mouth, shocked. "Sorry. I'm just confused." I muttered, kicking a wave of snow into the air and quickening my walking pace. What's the matter with me? Why am I so moody and jealous? Suddenly, a freezing cold hand seizes my shoulder and yanks me backwards- Elsa. I turn my head to face her, and she looks at me with guilty eyes.+++ "Anna.... I just.... When Kris left I knew you needed cheering up. So I used my powers regularly to make you happy.... But... Anna, all I want to give you is a happy life. A normal life. Do you understand?" I nod in agreement and Elsa hugs my close. Her dress is smooth and cold, and I can hear her heart beating. The beat is jagged and quick like I've- but not as quick as it used to be. It's softer, like... Like her frozen heart is gradually being worn down. "I'm sorry about... About me." I say, pulling away. "It's fine, Anna." Elsa suddenly laughs. "I never realised how mysterious I come across as-" "ELSA! ANNA!" Both of us jolted into life to see Jack waving frantically in the distance- his stick creating an arc of snow above his head. "LADIES! COME HERE! LOOK AT THIS!" Before I know what I'm doing, my feet are pounding the snowy ground and I'm charging towards Jack- laughing out loud as the snowy air exhilarates me. As I reach him, he juts out his arm and catches me- stopping my from running any further. "Woah! Woah, miss princess. Watch out!" He says, and I rock forward slightly to see a long stretch of silvery light that travels for as long as I can see. A scatter of glittering snow tumbled down off of the edge of the cliff I stood on, and I watched it gradually fall down until it could no longer be seen. "It's beautiful!" I muttered, breathless. "Where are we?" Jack smiles cheekily at me, and gestures out to the world in front of us with a wide sweep of his arm. "Welcome- miss princess- to the wilderness." Jack said, steadying me to my feet before placing his hands on his hips and breathing in the air with exaggerated happiness. "Once we cross this river, we'll only have a two day trek to Axaria- not including the boat journey to the coast." Jack stated, glancing back across the snow to see Elsa jogging up to meet us both. "So, we're almost there?" Elsa smiled, approaching the edge of the cliff and gazing over the edge at the gorgeous sight of the frozen river. Jack shuffled forward to protect Elsa from falling, but thought better of it and backed away, blushing.

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