beware the frozen heart

##frozen fanfic##


4. part 4

My mouth drops open slightly, and my stomach twists into a knot. Pregnancy? I had never noticed a change in my mother when she was still here, but.... Pregnancy? "No, We didn't know." I say, but in unison Elsa whispers "yes." I look up at Elsa, shocked. "You knew? You knew and didn't tell me?!" Elsa sighs and looks down at me. "Ana... They were going to tell you when they got back. I knew you'd be upset if I told you that they weren't coming back and your brother or sister was dead." I frowned at her as furiously as I could, and skated a few inches backwards. "That's no excuse, Elsa. You know it." Everything fell silent for a moment, but suddenly Jack coughed- starling me so I almost fell to the ground again. He glanced at me guiltily, before continuing. "Well... I have been told to tell you...." "Yes?" Elsa buts in, tapping her foot on the ground so a new patch of ice forks out towards the corners of the room. "Your parents weren't dead when the boat sank. They floated off and arrived at the coast. Your mother...." He paused, sucking in breath. "She gave birth before dying. Your father was already gone when we took him into the hospital." Elsa gasped- pressing her hands to her heart. "So.... The baby? It's alive?" Jack nodded- a slight smile creeping on to his face before he wiped it away hurriedly. Elsa stood up straight and smiled slightly- glancing around the room. "So... Are they here? Is the baby...." Jack shook his head. "That's what I really came here to tell you." Jack said- waving his hands in front of him. "Because of... Your power, Elsa. The town are worried that the baby has been born with the same thing- some power that is a 'danger' to everyone.... Well, she's not much of a baby anymore." "Where are they then? What's going on?" I yell at Jack- and this time he stumbles backwards; I resist the urge to laugh. "She's in an orphanage at the town." Jack replies. "Nobody but the king and me know about where she is- the Kings advisor and guards are trying to find her, and if they do they'll kill her." Elsa shook her head, +++ And me and Jack both watch her- waiting for a response. Suddenly, Elsa hitches up her skirt and sprints out of the room- her long hair wrapping itself into a braid as she twirls two of her fingers in the air. "Jack, you have to take us there. Come on, Ana- you have to get ready." "Are you okay with taking us there?" I ask Jack- as I follow Elsa into the hall. Jack bends down and picks up a large stick from the ground, before leaning on it and smiling. "Why would I come here if I wasn't prepared to take you there?" He says- flipping his unruly hair out of his eyes. I nod at him in thanks, before charging after Elsa- yelling "WAIT FOR ME!!" As soon as we're dressed, Elsa knots my hair into a braided crown and wraps a cloak around my shoulders. She looped the button on the cloak into the hole, and placed her hands on my shoulders. "Ana, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I was just afraid that I'd hurt you again..." Elsa mumbled, looking me in the eyes. "Look, I need you to come with me. We need you. Jack says there's a chance that it may be dangerous out there." I raise my eyebrows. "And your point is?..." Elsa laughs a little. "You're braver than me, Ana. If there's danger, we need you-" "are you ladies ready yet? We could do with setting off now if we want to get there by Friday!" "Coming!" Elsa calls down the stairs, before taking my hand. "Come on then, Ana. Let's go." I flash her a small smile, and we walk down into the hallway where Jack stands with a huge rucksack in his back. "You know sucking up isn't going to make me forgive you." I tell Elsa, stepping down into the hall. "I wasn't sucking up, Ana. I was telling the truth." Elsa says- walking over to Jack and hauling a small bag onto her shoulder. "And you don't have to come if you don't want to." "Woah , woah, woah! I never said I wouldn't come!" Elsa laughs, and seizes a small backpack for me to carry. "Okay then, ladies. Let's get going." Jack smiles, and pushes open the heavy doors so that we are outside into arendelle for the first time in three weeks.

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