beware the frozen heart

##frozen fanfic##


3. part 3

I pushed her back to her feet with all of my strength, before sprinting forward towards the ballroom. "Ana! Stop.." Elsa called after me, crumpling to her knees- but I couldn't stop. Nobody hurts my sister. It's almost like Elsa's ice- when she's angry, it gets controlling; it's the same for me, but when I get angry I have a flash of flame inside my stomach, and I just know that I have to be brave and determined. Stretching my legs wide, I leaped swiftly over a snow drift and..... I landed heavily on a thick patch of ice, slipped over head-first, and skidded forward with my skirt hitched up above my knees. When I finally spin to a halt, I opened my eyes and looked forward blearily to see a shadow sliding down a long rope- like thing to the ground. "Stop..... Right there!" I threw up my arm and pointed towards the figure, before groaning and slumping back to the ice again. My head throbbed horribly, and I pinched my brow to try and stop it. Across the room, I could hear a voice, followed by footsteps getting steadily louder.... My view was now shadowed, and I could see a face leering over the top of me. "Want a hand?" I groaned once again, but hooked my hand through the hand that I could barely see above me... I let go in shock- the hand was so cold it burnt my fingertips. "I'm sorry, I didn't think...." The person said, as I flipped my hand over to see a snowflake branching out from my palm to my knuckles; I wrap my hand into a fist, and try to ignore it with a shiver.
Just as the person goes to talk again, I kick back across the ice towards the dining table at the edge of the ballroom and stagger upwards to my feet. "Who are you?" I questioned, my hand creeping across the table towards a fork- it'll do as a weapon I guess.. A shot of ice tumbles through the air, and freezes the fork to the table, causing me to stumble backwards and slip back to the wall. "ELSA!" I yell- hoping with all my might that she's okay and can help me. "ELSA! QUICK!" "Shhh, I'm not going to hurt you! Calm down." The person walks slowly towards me, making calming gestures with their hands.+++ "I'm just looking for-" "GET AWAY FROM HER!" I lean to the side- away from the person- and spot Elsa at the side of the room- conjuring a ball of ice and preparing to aim it at the person. They whip around and hold up their hands in surrender. "WOAH! woah! Stop!" They yell, glancing a few times between Elsa and me. There is a moment of silence as Elsa transfers her ice to one hand, and with the other reaches across the wall and switches on the light.

A tall boy with white hair stands in the middle of the room- a tall stick clutched in one of his hands. He is wearing a grubby blue sweatshirt and a ragged pair of trousers. "Please, just..." He pauses, and sighs. "Hear me out." I glance over at Elsa, who raises her eyebrows and sneers at him- I expect her to hit him with her powers, but she steps forward on the ice, and walks with ease towards him. I don't know how she can walk on ice without falling over. Elsa stops in front of him. "Why are you here?" She asks, spinning her powers on her hand. He glances at her worriedly, and looks down. "Look, I'm just looking for Queen Elsa...." He mumbles, and Elsa shoots me a look that says 'he really doesn't know?' "I am no longer queen, uh....." Elsa gestures in the air for a name, and when he doesn't answer I cough. He looks up, startled. "Uh... Sorry... It's Jack. Jack Frost." Elsa nods, and continues. "Jack. But yes, I am Elsa." She nods, and Jack straightens up, his arms straight at his sides. "Quee- I mean, Elsa. I have a message from Axaria- the island that is far north of arendelle's Coast." I look up, and before I know what I'm doing, I find myself interested. My feet skate quickly towards Elsa, and soon I am standing next to her- smiling awkwardly. Jack takes a step backwards, and coughs. "It has come to our attention that you were told about the death of your parents just a few years ago?" Elsa nods, and I lean my head on her shoulder. It's hard to remember that they're really gone. "Yes." Elsa says, looking at Jack expectantly. "Well, the king of Axaria assumes that you knew about your mum's...." Jack coughs uncomfortably. "pregnancy."

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