beware the frozen heart

##frozen fanfic##


2. part 2

"Ana?" I hear a door slam shut from what seems to be miles away, and a set of footsteps that soon come to an end just behind me. "Ana... What is all of this? I thought I told you to be careful!" Mid-rant, a pair of ice cold hands tug me from under the armour to a standing position; almost instantly I slip, and have to be stood back again. "Careful!" Turning my head, I see Elsa standing next to me- dressed in pyjamas, and with her hair hanging free out of her usual braid. She smiles briefly, before glancing around the hallway. "Where did you get all of this snow?...." She paused for a moment- frowning- before grinning broadly, and letting go of my arm. "Is it snowing? Ana, we could go outside and have such fun with it, and.. Oh! We could re-make Olaf, and-" Elsa began to charge down the hall towards the window at the end, but I skated clumsily after her and pulled her back. "Elsa, stop! What are you talking about?" I said, pulling Elsa forward so she was facing me. " there's no snow out there, Elsa. Stop joking around, I know you were using your powers to trick me." Elsa's face screwed up into a look of confusion, and she shook her head. "Ana, I haven't been using my powers recently..... I was asleep until I heard you yelling." My mouth gaped open and I knelt down in a small drift of snow at my feet. I pushed my hands through it and let the snowflakes rush between my fingers like sand would at the beach. "Then who?....." We were interrupted by a huge rumble of thunder coming from downstairs, and Elsa's expression instantly changed. "Come on, Ana." She ordered, hauling me to my feet, and leading me down the stairs. "Stay behind me, and don't say a word." When we reached the bottom of the stairs, Elsa conjured a intricate snowflake above her hand, and it cast an icy glow over the hall so that we could see. "Can you see anything?" I whispered- tugging her nightgown cautiously. She whipped around and pressed her finger to her lips.. As she did this, a huge rumble erupted from the ballroom, and Elsa fell back into me as a powerful explosion of snow hit her in the chest;

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