beware the frozen heart

##frozen fanfic##


1. part 1

There was snow falling from the ceiling. I opened my eyes slightly, and a dozen snowflakes pecked at my face in unison. "What the?...." propping myself Up on my elbows, I rubbed furiously at my eyes before tipping my head back to face the ceiling- which was almost completely covered by a snow cloud. Shivering sleepily, I swung my legs down from the bed, and while keeping my eyes fixed on the cloud, I tugged my dressing gown on, and went to turn the door knob; it cracked as it turned, telling me there was snow in there too. Honestly, did she think this would be scaring me? I yawned loudly. "Wow, Elsa. So funny!" There was no reply, simply a blizzard of snow building a hill on the bed. I pushed my hands against the knob once again, but this time it stuck fast. The snow was really picking up now- frosting my clothes and hair with white- I had to get out. "Come on Elsa, stop it!" I called, yanking more and more urgently at the door. I know I should have expected another prank- Elsa had enjoyed her powers for the first time ever since she returned from the mountains, and you know what? I enjoyed it too.... But it had never been like this. They were usually things that would cheer me up, like a skating rink in the main hall, or sledging on the staircases- ever since Kristoff..... Ever since....... He didn't come back from a ice trip. Elsa was always trying to cheer me up then- but she had never kept it up for too long if I didn't want her to. She hadn't used her powers recently come to think of it. Remembering Kristoff gave me a punch in the chest, but I bit it back and threw my body weight against the door..... With a force like an avalanche, I tumbled through the door and out into the corridor, where I skidded over a thick layer of ice, and crashed head first into the suit of armour that stood next to the staircase. "Ow.." I Mumbled into the dark of the armour- my legs sticking out at two odd angles from between the torso of the armour and the boots. There was snow in the armour too- Elsa had certainly gone all out..... But why try so hard to do this?

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