Kingdoms of One

This story was actually based on when me and my friend went to Sherando Lake and built two sandcastles. We made one an evil kingdom, and the other the nice, kind kingdom that took people in. We dug a pit in the evil castle for them to put prisoners in, just like in the book.

The Prophecy foretold that The Powerful One would come before the next full moon, though no one knows this except Miranda, the peasant. King Hendricks, though no one dares say it , is the king of the evil castle, and the evil kingdom. He senses that secrecy is in the air, and is plotting to kill everyone in King Handerson’s kingdom, the kind place. King Handerson has a warm heart and is married to Queen Violet. King Hendricks loathes Queen Violet the worst because she has a lovely nature and is optimistic and beautiful. Miranda’s secret beauty is hidden by her poverty, and her longing to tell someone her mysterious dream. Meet Keira and Aileen too!


Author: Jade Sparrow
Editor: raiarna m. the potterhead


2. Spark of Interest


King Hendricks' POV

I watched in anticipation as the guards- or should I say- my guards brought our newest wrongdoer of the day.

‘What is it this time, Brinson?’ I asked the guard.

‘Talking in her sleep. About a plan- a plot- to throw you off the throne.’ He answered nervously.

‘Ahh…’ This was not what I expected. Stealing food, maybe. Trying to save her little friends, maybe. But not this. Who would dare? Especially a girl. Yes, a girl! Highly unlikely. So for the first time, ever, I was speechless. At a loss for words. Then I regained the ability to speak.

‘Let her go.’ Then I turned to the girl. ‘What is your name?’ I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.

‘Miranda. My name is Miranda. ’ She said, loud and clear.

‘Come to me at noon. I will have time to eat my breakfast.’ I could tell she was surprised, but she obeyed.


Then reality hit me. Plans to throw me off the throne? Danger to my power? What have I done? Yet, her charisma. That daring personality. It had, indeed, thrown me off guard. I cannot let my daughter, Keira see her. She has a soft heart- always dangerous. Too dangerous.

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