Fighting To Love

"Every family, friend, couple fight. But we can make it through this." I said. "Even though you hated me at first." He said. "You're never gonna let that go are you?" I asked. He shook his head.
{Fighting To Love is the sequel to Everything about him|ashton Irwin| I would recommend reading everything about him|ashton Irwin| first}


22. Chapter Twenty One

Michael's POV

"So, are you handling it well? Back to work I mean." I asked Ashley. "It's hard. Not seeing Nicole. But, I think I can get used to it." She replied.

Ashley's POV

"Ashley, you need to look at this magazine. Now." My assistant, Nicole said. I nodded. Michael got up with me, and walked into a meeting room with me.

Page seven, headline, CHEATING ON HOW MANY? On the side there was a picture of me with me, the day we went out. Then, there's a picture with me and Calum. Calum was holding Jackie, and I was holding Nicole. "Just read it. Out loud." She said.

"Is Ashley Green cheating? Many think not, but by these pictures, we can tell she is cheating. Sources tell us, when Calum, on the left, first met Green, they shared a room. And a bed! They were also stopped in town on many occasions, They are also seen playing with Jackie, the child Calum is holding.

Green has also been out with band member, Michael Clifford. Seen around town, laughing, holding hands, and looking extremely close. "It's risky for a celebrity, to go out with their best mate's girl." A source tells us(source will not be named) "Ashley is a very nice girl. And she is very caring towards her relationship with Ashton. I know, Michael and Calum are best friends with Ashley. I know for a fact, she is not cheating." Niall Horan, from One Direction says.

We can't forget Green's four month old baby, Nicole Grace Irwin, is Michael's Goddaughter. Sources tell us, "when she had the baby. They held Michael back, and made him the Godfather." Let's not forget the fight between Kyla Swayer, Calum's girlfriend, and Ashley Green. In her back yard! Could Ash&Ash come to an end?" I read. Michael looked shocked. "Ashley. Calm down." He said. "Who the hell wrote this." I said. "I-I think I-it was... Renee." Nicole replied.

I stormed out of the room, and burst open the doors to Renee's office. "Did you write that... That magazine!" I yelled. She looked down. "Who's the source. When did this happen." I said. "It happened about two weeks ago." She said. "And who's the source." I said. "I-I promised I wouldn't say." She said. "You better break that promise, if you want to keep you damn job." I yelled. "Kyla." She said. I burst the doors open, and walk out.


"Michael, let go of me!" I yelled. "You will kill Ky. I can't let that happen." He said. "I won't kill her!" I yelled. "I know you. You will." He said.

"What's going on?" Ashton asked, walking outside. "Can you help me!" Michael yelled, trying to hold me back. "I won't kill her! She needs a fucking beating!" I yelled, breaking free, and running to the door, only to get grabbed. "No!" I yelled. "What the hell is going on!" Calum yelled. "Ashley is trying to kill Ky." Michael said. "Why?" Calum asked. "She was a source on a magazine, about this cheating shit." Michael said. "Now, let me inside!" I yelled.

"Sit." Ashton said. "Stay." He said. "Woof." I said. "Now, tell me about this cheating thing." He said. "Ashton, I'm not cheating on you. Everyone thinks I am. But in not." I said. "I know you're not. But, babe, tell me about this page." He said. "It was about how I was going out with Calum, like into town, with him holding Jackie, and me holding Nic. And about how I went out with Michael the other day. And how we were holding hands, if it wasn't for paparazzi, we wouldn't have to hold hands. And about how, Michael is Nicole's godfather. And 'sources' talking about how it's risky. And about when I asked Michael to be the godfather, and the fight between Kyla and I. And Niall-" "Niall? What did Niall do?" He asked. "He said there is no way I'm cheating." I said. He smiled.

"I don't want you going back there." Ashton said. "I work there Ashton." I replied. "Not right now. I don't want you to have stress. You're already three weeks clean." He said. I sighed. "Fine." I said. "How about we invite some people over. I know one direction is in town, and we can invite the guys." He said. I nodded.


"Harry, this is Ashley, Ashley, this is the one and only, Harry Styles." Ashton said. "Hi, Ashton talks about you, a lot." Harry said. I smiled. "Oh, ash, can you get that, it should be Rachel." I said.

Ashton came back outside, with Rachel following. On his back. "Babe, can you, uh, maybe help me here? Shes still just a little obsessed." Ashton said. "Rachel, get off of him." I said, with a laugh. I walked behind Ashton, and tugged her off. "Damn, you grew. You're not a shorty anymore." Ashton said. Rachel laughed. "Oh my god! You're Niall Horan!" She yelled, hugging him. "Rachel. We talked about this." I said. "It's alright." Niall replied. "Beer is in the fridge, no Rach, you can't have any." Ashton said.

"Be careful Jack! Don't knock over Nicole please!" I yelled. "I know!" She yelled. "Where's Lauren?" Luke asked. "Friends house." Ashton replied. "Which she should be home soon." I said.

"So, Ashley, Ashton was telling us how you work at a magazine company." Liam said. I nodded. "Well, I did. Until I had to quit." I said. Michael and Calum both chocked on their drink. "Ashton said, too much stress isn't good for the body, so now, I'm a stay at home mom." I said. "Cal, where's your girl?" Niall asked. "Home, shes, uh, not feeling well." He said. "Lies." I mumbled. Which someone heard, because they all looked at me. "I need to feed Nicole." I said, getting up.

As soon as I picked Nicole up, she bursted into tears. "Awe. I know baby. I know. You're tired." I said, rocking her. "Mommy I'm hungry." Jackie said. "I know. Tell daddy." I said. I walked into the house with Nicole, got her dinner, and walked out.

Ashton's POV

"Daddy." Jackie said. "Yes." I said. "Mommy said to tell you that I'm hungry." She said. I laughed, and picked her up. I put her on my lap. "And what would you like?" I asked. "What are you eating?" She asked me. "Well, mommy wouldn't be happy if you eat what I eat." I said. She sighed.

Harry came to sit next to me, and Jackie went to sit with Calum. "Ashley's good with her baby." Harry said. "Yeah. I guess she is." I replied. "Shes a beautiful baby, Ash." He said. I smiled. I looked over at Ashley, who had her hair back in a ponytail. She was feeding Nicole, while making faces.

Ashley's POV

"a few more bites." I said to Nicole. Of course, being the baby she is, she threw the food in her mouth out, all over me. She spit up, and cried. "Really." I said. I stood up, in my peas covered shirt, picked up Nicole, and walked inside.

I put her on the changing table, and changed her clothes. "All better." I said. She was still crying. "Let mommy change, and we will go down." I said, bringing her into my room, and setting her on the bed. I looked over, and saw that she was standing on the bed. My jaw dropped. Then, I remembered, she isn't four months. Shes six. Stupid me. I forgot she was born earlier, because the doctors found out late.

I picked her up off the bed, and walked down stairs, back outside. "All better?" Ashton asked. "All better." I replied. "Babe, she stood on the bed." I said. Ashton looked at me. "really." He said, excitedly. I nodded.

We were eating dessert, when something happened that caught all of our attention. "C-Cally." Nicole said. I dropped my fork, and so did Ashton. "Cally." She said again. "Ashton! Ashton!" I yelled, jumping up. "Babe!" He yelled. "Cally." She said it again! "First words Ashton! First words!" I yelled. "Um, I think that's my name." Calum said. I picked Nicole up, and held her. "My baby." I said. Ashton took her from me. "Don't you dare." I said. He smirked, and ran to the swings. "Ashton!" I yelled, running after him.

Calum's POV

Cally. Cally was Nicole's first words. "Looks like your Uncle Cally." Harry said. I nodded. "And who's the godparents?" Louis asked. "Me, and Ashley's best friend, Annelyy." Mikey said. Kyla's going to kill me. If she finds out Nicole's first words were Cally, she will flip. She didn't want me to come to the barbecue, but I told her I had to. I'm dead.

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