Fighting To Love

"Every family, friend, couple fight. But we can make it through this." I said. "Even though you hated me at first." He said. "You're never gonna let that go are you?" I asked. He shook his head.
{Fighting To Love is the sequel to Everything about him|ashton Irwin| I would recommend reading everything about him|ashton Irwin| first}


25. Chapter Twenty Four

Ashley's POV

"I can't believe you're leaving again." I said. "I know baby. I know. But I'll be back. I promise." Ashton replied, kissing my nose. I smiled. "I love you Ash, so much." He said. I smiled again. "I know, I love you too. Be careful! And don't get drunk." I said. He laughed. "Promise." He replied, kissing me. "Okay, go." I said. He nodded, kissed me, and got on the plane.


"Jacklyn Rose! What did I tell you about waking up your sister!" I yelled. "Uh, to not do it?" She asked. "Yes! Now opick up this mess." I said. "Bue-" "Now, Jaclyn." I said. I seriously need some kind of help. Jackie mumbled something under her breath. "What was that?" I asked.  "Nothing." She quickly responded. "Lauren! Harry!" I yelled. Yes, Ashton's brother is now staying with us, as well. We have a full house. "Coming!" Lauren yelled. "Mom!" Jackie yelled. I went into the kitchen. "Jaclyn Rose! What the hell did you do!?" I yelled. "Sorry. I tried to make breakfast." She said. I sighed. "Go get ready." I said.


There was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" I asked. "Someone who's home from college!" The person yelled through the door.  I shot up, and ran to the door. "Anne!" I yelled. "Hey baby. I'm back!" She said, hugging me. "Where's the kiddos?" She asked. "School. Thank god. It's been two days since Ashton left, and it's been hell." I replied. "Why don't you call Henry? He's in town with his girlfriend, maybe he can come over." She suggested. "Yeah. I'll do that. I miss my friends." I said, grabbing my phone.


"Oh my god! I remember that! I was pregnant with Jackie." I said to Henry. He came over about an hour ago. We are just sitting on the couch, talking about old times. "The kids should be home soon. Jackie will be so happy to see you." I said. He smiled. "So, where's Ashton?" He asked. "Oh, he left for tour tow days ago." I replied. He nodded. The door opened, and the three terrors walked in. "Uncle Henry!" Jackie yelled, running to Henry. "Hey Ash. Do we have food?" Harry asked. "You know where it is. Just don't wake up Nicole. She finally went to sleep." I said. He nodded.

"So, how old are you now? Like ten?" Henry asked. "Six." Jackie replied with a laugh. "Six!? You're getting old." Henry said. I laughed. "No, mom's getting old! She's twenty one!" She yelled. I looked at her. "Remember what we talked about this morning?" I asked. "Sorry." She said. "Okay, go with Lauren and Harry. Make sure Harry doesn't eat the whole house." I said. She nodded, and ran into the kitchen.


"Jackie, wanna talk to daddy?" I asked. "Yea!" She yelled, getting off of Henry's lap, over to the computer. "Henry, would you mind getting the baby?" I asked. He nodded. I loaded Skype, and finally after a few minutes of it connecting, Ashton finally popped up on the screen. "Hey baby." He said. "Hey!" I replied. "Hey Ladybug." He said. "Dad, you haven't called me that since I was four." Jackie said. Ashton laughed. "I know. I can't believe I missed your birthday." He said. "It's okay, dad. I got a good present. Mom got Uncle Henry to come over!" She said. "Did you now?" He asked. I nodded. "Well, I needed help, and well, he was the first person on my mind. And we had some catching up to do." I replied. "Here you go. I'm pretty sure she needs her diaper changed. But there is no way I am changing it." Henry said, handing me Nicole. "Oh, so now he's the father figure to my child?" Ashton asked. "Whoa man, calm down. No way. I'm just helping." Henry said. "Honey, why don't you go outside with Uncle Henry. Aunt Anne and Kyla will be here soon." I said to Jackie. She nodded. "Mom and dad are going to get into another fight." I heard her say. "Really." Ashton said. "You know I don't like him." He said. "Look, babe, I know you don't. But e have to make some compromise here. I'm gonna need some kind of man in the house, and an eleven year old, isn't cutting it." I said. He sighed. "Alright. Fine. But I want you to call everyday. If he sleeps over, he sleeps on the couch, or the guest room." He said. "Alright. Deal. That works." I said.

"Ashton's talking to Ashley guys!" Someone yelled. "Who was that?" I asked. "Michael. He's so annoying." He replied. "I want to talk to Ashley!" Luke yelled. "Me first!" Calum yelled. "No-" "Mommy!" Jackie yelled. "Shit. Okay. I gotta go." I said. "Mommy! I fell!" She yelled. "Uncle Henry. Stop!" Jackie yelled. "Alright. Love you." I said. "Yeah, love you too. I swear if he hurts my daughter-" "Ashton, baby, calm down. He's a good person. I promise." I said . "Okay. I love you." He said. And with that, we hung up.

"Baby, what happened?" I asked, picking Jackie up. "M-mommy I want d-daddy." She said, putting her head in my shoulder. "I know baby. I know,  but guess what." I said. "W-what?" She asked. "Daddy will be here tomorrow." I said. She smiled. "And all of us, minus Uncle Henry, will see them perform." I said. "Now, let's get you cleaned up. Aunt Anne, Aunt Car, Aunt Liv, and Kyla are coming over soon." I said. "Oh! And Jason? And. And Matt?" She asked, I nodded.


"Where's my little munchkin!?" Carolyn asked, running into the house, Jason following. "Hey." I said. This is really awkward, because Jason, is best friends with Tyler. "Hey. Beautiful home." He said. "Thanks." I replied. "Car, if you're looking for the baby, she's in her room with Lauren." I said. "Yay!" She yelled, running down the hall. "So, where's Livvy?" I asked. "Her and Matt are running late. Something about a present for the baby?" He replied. "I swear, if she got that stupid stroller, I will kill both of them." I said. He laughed. "I'm here, bitches!" Livvy yelled. "Mom! Aunt Liv said a bad word!" Jackie yelled. "Whoops. Forgot children are present." She said. I laughed. "Baby, why don't you go make sure Lauren and Harry are ready for dinner." I said. "They won't listen to me." She said. "Just try." I replied. "Fine, but if they don't listen, don't blame me." She said. I laughed, and scooted her down the hallway.

"Hey Matt." I said, giving him a hug. Matt and I are close. As close as the boys and I. "Hey baby, how's life as a new mother?" He asked. "Hard. I have three kids running around. A six year old. An eleven year old. And a fourteen year old. Not to mention a nine month year old baby." I replied. "I remember those days with my little sisters. Good times. Good times." He said.

"No that was so you! Don't blame it on me!" I yelled, as I fed Nicole. I'm seriously hoping she eats tongight. She's been very picky about her food lately. "Please eat." I said. No luck. She refused it. "One more time." I said, picking up her spoon, and putting it in her mouth. Of course, being the child she is, she spit it out. I groaned. "Alright." I said.

As I was eating, and watching Nicole, the doorbell rang. "Jack, can you see who it is?" I asked. She nodded, and ran to the door. "Mommy! There's some really weird and tall guys!" She yelled. I got up, and walked to the door. "Guys?" I asked. Standing in the doorway, was One Direction. Well, four of them. (Sorry. I had to. Sorry. Sorry.)

 "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Ashton called us. Wanted to make sure you were alright." Harry replied, walking inside. "Oh my god! You're One Direction!" Carolyn yelled. "Car, settle down." I said. "Have a seat guys. Um, there's chairs in the kitchen too." I replied. Carolyn kept eyeing down Harry, and I could tell her was uncomfortable. "Car, if you keep eyeing down Haz, he will leave." I said. "That can't happen though. Ashton is one of my best mates." He said. "Good. She still won't eat." I said. "May I?" He asked. I nodded.

My phone starting to ring, and Michael's face popped up. "Hey Michael." I said. "Hey, can you go on Skype?" He asked. "Uh, sure? Why?" I asked. "Just go on Skype. We have a little problem." He replied, and hung up. "hang on guys. I'm in need of a chat." I said, going over to the computer.

"Michael? What's wrong?" I asked, as Michael appeared on the screen. "It's Ashton. He's sort of... Well really, um, drunk." He said. "Drunk?" I asked. He nodded. "Said something about you replacing him with that Henry guy." He said. "Get him. Now." I said. Hey, how's Henry?" He asked. "Ashton, I told you, nothing is going on between Henry and I, and you said it was fine." I said. "I know, but the thought of him, being there, with you, after you two dated in primary school, isn't very suiting for me." He said. "Baby, if you had a problem, you should've just say so." I said. "I know." He replied. "Now, I want you to go get some water, and an Advil, and lay down, and sleep." I said. "But the thought of Henry being there, isn't very suiting." He said. "He left. I made him leave. I needed some time away from him. And I don't want to be apart of a magazine, saying I'm cheating again." I said. He laughed. "Okay, love you." I said. "Love you too, bye." I said.


Alright, goodnight, my angel." I said, to Jackie. "Night, mom." She replied. "Mom?" She asked. "Yea, baby?" I asked, turning around. Can you, rub my back?" She asked. "What's wrong? I haven't rubbed your back, since you were a little girl." I said, sitting down on her bed. "I just miss dad. I finally, remember why he is leaving, and him not being back for a while." She replied. She is one smart girl. She is only six, and she is talking like this. "I know, baby. I miss him too. But, we are going to see him soon, and get to hang out with him, for like, a whole week. You can see Mikey and Luke and Calum, and finally see dad." I said. "I love you, mom." She said. "I love you too, baby." I replied, rubbing her back. Shortly after, she fell fast asleep.





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