Fighting To Love

"Every family, friend, couple fight. But we can make it through this." I said. "Even though you hated me at first." He said. "You're never gonna let that go are you?" I asked. He shook his head.
{Fighting To Love is the sequel to Everything about him|ashton Irwin| I would recommend reading everything about him|ashton Irwin| first}


41. Chapter Forty

Ashley's POV

"Ashley. Call from Henry." Nicole yelled. "Patch him through." I yelled. "Hey." I said. "You might want to come home." He said. "Why?" I asked. "Dad called me. Saying something about... something. And you should really come home." He said. "Alright. I'm on my way." I said. "Nicole! Make sure John and Wes are outside." I yelled. "Already on it!" She yelled.


"Lauren! What happened to you!" I yelled. She had a swelled, and black eye. "Um. I got into a fight." She replied. "Thank you Henry. I got this." I said. He nodded, and left. "Who did this." I said. "Well-" "Who did this." I said again. "Holly." She said. "Holly. As in... Henry's sister?" I asked. She nodded. I sighed. "I'm going to that school." I said.


"Mr. Cale!" I yelled. "Ashley." He said. "Your daughter needs to stop picking on Lauren." I said. "What do you mean?" he asked. "She beat up Lauren." I said. He sighed. "There is nothing I can do." He said. "You can talk to her." I said. "This is LA Ashley." He said. "Holly beat her up, Henry." I said. "And you beat up her older sister." He said. "That was different." I said. "For what?" He asked. "Because my ex boyfriend, who also happened to be Jackie's father, was making out with her. That was a reason." I said. "How do you know Lauren didn't start it." He said. "I know Lauren. She wouldn't have started a fight." I said. "Acceptable." He said.


Ashton's POV

"Dada!" Nicole yelled, as I picked her up from daycare. "Hi." I said, picking her up. "She was good today. She wouldn't go down for her nap. But other than that, she was good." Her teacher said. I smiled. "Thank you." I said. She smiled.


"Ashton! How's Nicole!"

"Ashton! Is it true you cheated!?"

I rolled my eyes. You go out to lunch with a friend from childhood, and you're accused of cheating. "Come on baby." I said, moving faster. I heard thunder, which instantly made me run faster. Rain started to pour down. I took my jacket off, and covered Nicole. We have a little more of a walk until we get home, and Nicole has my jacket, and I don't have an umbrella. "We're almost home." I said. I could feel her shivering, which instantly made me run even faster. "We are almost there baby." I said. She cuddled into my chest, while I held her tightly.


"What happened to you?" Ashley asked, as we walked into the door. "Rain... Storm." I said. "Where's Nicole? And your jacket?" She asked. I removed my jacket, showing a dark haired baby, cuddled into my chest. "You walked!?" She yelled. I nodded. "I didn't know it was going to rain." I said. She sighed.

She put her hand onto Nicole's back, and gasped. "Ashton. She's shivering." She said. "That's why I took my jacket off." I replied. She sighed, and took her from me. "We need to talk." She said, before she went upstairs.

Ashley's POV

"My poor baby." I said, tucking her into her crib. She's still shivering, but that's from being in the rain for an hour. She's one. She shouldn't be sitting in the rain, for an hour, even if she had a jacket on. Make that two. But like Ashton said, he didn't know it was supposed to rain. I didn't even know either.

"We need to talk about Lauren." I said. "I swear if she is sneaking around again-" "Holly beat her up." I said, cutting him off. "She what." He said. "I talked to the principal. He said he will talk to Holly about it. Henry also said he will try something." I said. "When did this happen?" He asked. "When you were recording. I tried calling you, Luke, Calum and Michael, but because you were recording, you couldn't answer." I said. He nodded.

"I want her out of that school." He said. "Ashton, she needs to be educated." I said. "And? Liz is a teacher. She can tutor her over Skype." He said. "Ash, she needs to go to a normal school." I said. "And get beat up and bullied? I'm sorry but she's my sister. My biggest priority to take care of. If anything happens to her, I don't know what I would do." He said. I nodded, and bit my lip. "Alright. Take your biggest priority out of school. Take care of her." I said, walking away.

Ashton's POV

I stood there for a few minutes, trying to figure out what I did wrong, to make her act that way. I went through everything I said. My biggest priority is Lauren. Oh. Wait. "Ash!" I yelled, running up the stairs. I burst through the bedroom door, seeing her watching something on her computer. "What you watching?" I asked. She didn't answer. I looked at her screen, seeing a video of me and her laughing as we sat on the beach. "I remember that." I said. She still didn't answer. "I'm on the couch tonight, aren't I?" I asked. "Oh yeah." She said. I nodded, and grabbed my pillow. "Call me if you need me." I said, closing the door.

Ashley's POV

Running. Running away from something. I didn't dare look back. I was too scared. "Come here!" The voice yelled. I know that voice. "Ashton." I whispered, slowing down. I got pushed to the ground, with a knife to my throat. "I've been chasing." He said. I stared with wide eyes. "Now, don't look so scared. It will only hurt. A lot." He said, pressing the knife to my throat. "Don't worry." He said, touching my face. I felt the knife dig into my skin, and I screamed.

I woke up sick to my stomach, sweating and crying. I ran to the bathroom, and sat on the floor. That dream was one I never had before. "Babe?" Ashton asked. I slowed my breathing down, or at least attempted to. "You okay?" Ashton asked, kneeling down. I noticed him check the toilet. "Come on." He said, picking me up.

"I'm okay?" I asked. "You're okay." He said. "I'm not hurt." I said. "No. You're not hurt." He replied. I touched my neck, feeling nothing there. "You're okay baby." He said. I took a deep shaky breath. "Come here." He said. "y-you're gonna hurt me." I said. He shook his head. "I won't I promise." He said. I took a deep breath, and cuddled into him. "Okay. Okay." He said.

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