Good Girls

Guys this is my first time writing anything so feed back please??? LOVE YOU!!

Skylar is being dragged away from everything, what did she do to deserve brig put on a private school?


1. About Skylar

About Skylar..

Hi I'm Skylar and I'm 16, I live in London but my parents are moving me to New York to send me to some stupid boarding school. Apperiantly I have issues so I can't go to public schools anymore. It's not like I had a life here anyway I didn't have a boyfriend and I didn't have any friends, but I like being alone.. I can do more things. Did I mention I cut?? Well I do and only you and I know. If your curious about why I cut, I'm ugly and worthless no one wants me. Did I mention my hair is purple, blue, pink, and red? I love it, it makes me a little prettier... Well that's all for now..

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