Go on the adventure of the discovery of one girls life. That may or may not be laid out for her.


3. My life is... interesting

Still in world history with Frank deciding to teach today. I was trying to act like I wasn't looking at Derek, he was different. I couldn't figure out why i felt him to be different, there was just a feeling, and unexplainable feeling. He was unnaturally beautiful in his own way. I know its weird to call a guy beautiful, but Derek was beautiful, an unnatural beauty. Sam is staring at me with her mouth almost open, but five minutes into Franks lecture, i feel something shift next to me. Derek clears his throat next to me, i almost jump out of my seat. I turn to face him, he's still smirking, his blue eyes looking right through me. Still smirking he says "do you have a pencil?", I just look at him and his smirking face that i want to slap. Man this guy gets on my nerves and I've never even said one word to him. Sam punches me in the arm knowing that i froze. I blink a couple times and grab a pencil, giving the pencil to him he grabs my wrist, forcing me to look him in the eyes. "Thank you" he whispers, heat crawls all the way up from my wrist to my arm and then eventually enveloping my body. "Is there an issue Derek?" Frank says, everyone turns around and looks at where Derek is holding my wrist to where we were staring deeply into each others eyes. I could practically feel the heat rise to my face, i was sure i looked like a tomato. But Derek just acted cool and collected, he released my hand and turned to Frank, "I was asking for a pencil Sir, and Bliss offered one", he smiled showing all his teeth. I was shocked one how did he know my name and two no one ever calls Frank Sir. Frank hated formality and apparently he hated Derek even more, because all Frank did was mumble "Don't call me Sir". That was the end of that, i still had the heat from Derek's touch leave my body when the bell rang. I bolted from that room so fast Sam had to run to catch up to me. "What was that about", i just shrug not knowing exactly what that was. " Answer me Bliss!" she practically shouts, " I don't know what that was, i didn't even now that there was even a that, he asked for a pencil and Frank got pissed", i practically yell back. Everyone was staring at me and Sam who was about to break down into tears. I didn't need a water works show, so i storm away not even caring to look back.

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