No way😱

She got surprised by the boys when they showed up at her house. Calum and her fell in love but Calum makes a mistake can Claire ever trust him again


1. omg

Hi my names Claire I'm 17 I have bleach blonde hair with blue tips, I change my tips every few weeks. I have a eyebrow and lip piercing I get bullied I cut my favourite bands are 5sos like I'm absolutely obsessed😂 ( I actually am myself) and acdc, green day, cold chisel and blink 182 (and I can't believe blink broke up today😭). I love with my 18 year old brother. We live alone cause our parents are in jail for abusing and raping us and considering Danny's 18 we decided to live together.So that's enough about me!

I got in the shower consider I have school today 'yay'."note the sarcasm" I was blaring 5sos while having a shower. Once I finished my shower I brushed my teeth still in my towel and 5sos music still blaring. (5sos music is playing the whole time she's getting ready) once I finished brushing my teeth I walked from my bathroom into my room. My parents used to be rich so we got the house so yeh. And my bedroom has a bathroom connected to it. I got ready and put on black skinny jeans a green day shirt and straightens my hair and put on a beanie.

Danny's pov~

While Claire was in the shower heir was a knock at the door. "Hi" the blonde one said. " hi your 5sos aren't you?" I said sounding confused as to why their at my house. "Yeah does Claire sloane live here? " Luke asked "yeah she's in the shower why?" I asked "we'll she won a contest to come on your with us. We were supposed to email her but we decided to suprise her" Luke said "yeah um okay you Can sit on the lounge and watch TV while I get her but I'm gonna do something really funny so if you want to come listen you can " I said. "Okay" they said and went and came with me to her door to hear her singing to one of their songs. "Okay so I'm gonna Ask her question about you guys and whose her favourite and all that should hear the shit she says" I said and they all smiled and nodded. And once she says I can come in I want use to all walk in" I said and they nodded again. "hey Claire Can I ask you a question" I yelled "yeah" she said and paused or turned down her music " why do you like 5sos?" I asked "because heir fucking beautiful and amazing and omg their just perfect" she said and they all quietly laughed "okay who's your favourite?" I asked "we'll I love then all soon much but damn Calum's" she said and again all us silently laughed "what would you do if you met them?" I asked " kiss them...nah jks they'd be discussed and probably cry I now is cry if I got kissed by me I'm idk I guess I'd ask them a question then ask for a picture" she said and I looked back to see he boys with sad faces. "Can I come in?" I asked "yeah I'm done" she said. And all the boys walked in.

Claire's pov~

"Yeah I'm done" I said and turned around to see 5sos " hi" they all said "h-h-hi" I stuttered and they all laughed. Damn I am so stupid." You won a contest to come on your with us. For a year" Ashton said "oh my god really?" I half yelled. "Yeah" lurk said."and hey heard everything you just said about them" Danny added "what" I yelled. Then they all butted out laughing. I canst believe I just embarrassed myself in front of my idols "nice room" Calum said. "Thanks" I said. So we I'm leave in like 1 hour" Michael said. "Ohk" I said and started packing.

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