WARLORD (The Heart of Vengeance: The Heir)

In order to retrieve back her homeland, Acarah had to place herself in full hate for the Guthorians who were the reason for his father's death. And because of that, she became a leader of a group that became the scariest war makers, making her the first acclaimed woman warlord..


3. Chapter 3

10 years passed…
Acarah quickly hopped in each trunk as she looked north, south, east, and west. She observed each direction as she prepared herself. Not for long, she caught glimpse of a shadow that flashed behind her. She doubled her speed as she hopped nonstop on the tree trunks.
She didn’t notice that it is the end of the jungle and passed to it was a high cliff and to its end was the ocean. She lost control of her last jump and accidentally slipped of the last trunk. Fortunately, someone grabbed her hand then pulled her up as they fell on the ground and gladly away from the cliff.
Acarah sat up as she tried catching her breath. Kan also sat down as he frowned at her. “That was close! You should be careful or else I’ll be the one Rogar will blame for your death!” He scolded.
“Well I’m sorry. I didn’t know that it was you.” Acarah protested.
“So, you still want me to introduce myself before you stop?” Kan asked.
“Exactly,what if it’s an enemy? You still want me to stop and face it? Great! Then I’ll be blaming you for my death too!” Acarah said as she crossed her arms.
“Oh, then you’re telling me that if you die in falling to the ocean and in being stabbed, I am to be blamed?” Kan asked.
“Correct. You’re right this time.”
“What a headache.”
Acarah and Kan returned at the tribe. The two can’t keep themselves from fighting. Ever since the two have reached their age, Kan turned handsome and strong, while Acarah turned refined and beautiful though she hasn’t reached her age of womanhood. They were being teased as lovers for they always fight and together.
“Don’t stick to me.” Acarah said pushing Kan away.
“You were the one who was close.”Kan protested as he pushed Acarah too.
“No, you were.” Acarah said as she pushed him again.
“It was you.” Kan said pushing Acarah.
Acarah got angry then kicked Kan’s knee, but Kan was able to dodge. She raised her hands but Kan held it to prevent her.
“You’re cheating. Don’t use spells.” He told her.
“Don’t touch me!” Acarah shouted then pulled her hands back.
“Enough with that.You two.” Brandon and Rogar came in the scene.
Acarah crossed her arms. “When are you going to take me back to Luvidia?” she asked.
Brandon and Rogar looked at each other. “Young highness, we already talked about this.” Rogar said.
“I’m no child anymore Rogar. I will not let myself be fooled by you. I know now that there’s no way that my father fetches those bears for 10 long years.” Acarah said
Brandon looked at her seriously. “Why do you keep your head hard?” He said.
“Why won’t you just be honest with me?” Acarah straighten.
“What do you mean?” Rogar asked.
“You kept on lying to me? Tell me what is it you hide?” Acarah said even though she knows the real reason.
Rogar just closed his eyes helplessly then sighed. “Your highness, your father… your father didn’t survive the war ten years ago. And his last thought is for us to protect you.” he said
Acarah just kept shut and went to Rogar’s home entering her room. She knew it, but she never thought that it would make her cry that time. She didn’t felt it when Terra told her that, but now that Rogar had reminded it, she felt the pain that didn’t came out.
She heard footsteps approaching her room. She tried to ignore it and covered herself with her blanket. She felt that someone sat beside her.
“Your highness, do you hate us?” Rogar asked.
“I do not.” Acarah said with her voice shaking.
“The Guthorian army seeks for you. They are the one who imperialized our homeland and now, they want to take your power.” Rogar explained.
“I’m so weak Rogar. I want to become stronger and greater. I want to destroy those Guthors. I want to abolish them! I hate them!” Acarah cried as she removed the blanket that covers her then sat to hug Rogar.
“Do not worry young highness, we will help you achieve what you want.” Rogar said patting Acarah’s head.
Days been moving quickly started when Acarah practiced non-stop for her revenge. She didn’t asked for it, but she just wanted them to feel the wound that’s been continuously bleeding inside her heart. The pain, the hate, the sorrow, and the loss.
No one in the tribe could read what she thinks. They could see her uncontrollable hits and strong will to kill. It would be such a poor enemy once she would encounter one.
“Weak still…” Acarah told herself as she sheathed back her sword. “So weak and predictable.” she mumbled.
“Stop acting stupid! Do you really want me to kill you?” Kan asked as he approached her.
“Stop yelling! Do you want me to behead you?!” Acarah said back as she went beside the river scooping the water using her hand then washed her face.
As she does it, Kan did a grin silently approaching her. As he reached behind her, Acarah looked back. Seeing Kan behind her, she stepped a bit backward, slipping through the wet river without even realizing that she pulled Kan with her and both of them fell. A big splash through the flowing river was pictured after their big fall.
The low river still flowed. Acarah opened her eyes finding out that she was over Kan. She frown, punching Kan’s face as she quickly stood fixing herself. “What nonsense are you thinking?!” Acarah shouted.
Kan still was seated at the river stretching his jaw as he felt the painful punch Acarah gave him. After that, he stood looking coldly at her. “You’re the one who pulled me! And yet you gave me a punch? What’s with you?” He asked angrily.
AcarahCrossed her arms as she glared at him. “You were obviously the one to be blamed. You suddenly appeared behind me and I know it’s you plan on pushing me through the river. I am no stupid, you hear?!” she said removing her clothes. “And you dare not to look at me, or else I shall give you your grave!” she warned.
“Don’t worry kid. There’s nothing to be seen anyway.” Kan teased removing his clothes the same.
“What?!”Acarah said irritated.
“I said your body is not what I like in women. Your breast isn’t as progressive like the women in my tribe, how would you be able to feed our children if ever.” He started mocking her again.
Acarah wore her spared clothes approaching Kan who still drains his upper cloth. He heard a cling behind him, and before he could even look back, a blade was placed near his neck.
“Why would you even think that I would want to have children with you? Are you mad?” Acarah started. “And if you must know, I am not one of your tribe because I am a Luvidian.”
Kan chuckled as he quickly grabbed Acarah’s hand where she holds the sword. Then he pulled the sword away still holding Acarah’s hand with his other hand. “If you must also know Luvidianprincess, I really respect Rogar because he is so patient on taking care of a kid like you. If I was him, I must’ve given up.” He insulted.
Acarah raised her head. “Yeah right, brat. Stop insulting me because you’re not the one who’s taking care of me anyway. It’s Rogar and not you!” She said pulling her hand for Kan to let go. Then she grab her sword from Kan’s other hand, but she failed on taking it.
“You know what? I guess it’s not just Rogar who tried to be patient with you. I guess you, being a hard headed kid burdens so much that you were handed over to him.”
“What do you mean?” Acarah asked puzzled.
“What I mean is that, you’re too much of a burden that’s why your father decided to let Rogar take you on his way home.”
Acarah felt surprised. Father would never do that… she thought as she stepped back away from Kan. He’s lying! Father loves me, I’m no burden. She said running away from him. Her tears started to drop as she felt her sight turning blurry, causing for her to trip of the tree’s root then rolled over down the mountain. She stopped and was lying on the ground feeling her painful body. She had hit so many rocks when she was rolling down, and now she couldn’t move. Her head was bleeding and she still cries. But after that, everything darkened.

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